Andy Cohen has a very Bravo weekend.

Last night was such Bravo whiplash that it was almost too much for even me and my crappy BlackBerry pictures to keep up with.

Let me start at the end by saying we had a fierce "Watch What Happens" featuring Gail Simmons and Howie Kleinberg.

The headline news is that Gail is engaged! Her longtime boyfriend Jeremy popped the question last week, and here she is showing off the bling.

My night began at Socialista, the white hot West Village club where Diane Von Furstenberg hosted a party celebrating Nina Garcia's book. I really like the Elle People. They are Mammals. I don't know what Vogue people are. Reptiles? Nina's party was sponsored by BlackBerry.

Sexy ladies walked around with trays of BlackBerries (like cigarette girls). I naturally assumed the BlackBerries were little Amuse Bouche's for us to nosh on and put in our wee pockets. Not so. I think they were there to make us feel bad about the lame amount of pixels in whatever mobile devices were already in our pockets.

Anyway, that's how I felt after getting yapped at by the fake cigarette girl. After speaking with her, I decided to do a photoblog with blurry pictures from my BlackBerry curve! As we were leaving, Desiree Gruber handed Nina her phone. Heidi Klum was on the line.

The Tim Gunn party at the Soho Grand Patio was fantastic. It was a joint deal with Bravo and Entertainment Weekly and so it was like a conglomeration of Bravo stars and the EW stars who love them. Guests were drinking TimTini's! (What will they think of next!)

There actually were a ton of honest to goodness real stars there and Andy's Blog fave Liza Persky was working the red carpet for (I'll let ya know when her hilarious red carpet interviews are posted.)

People kept coming up to me saying that Jessica Simpson was expected and that if she showed up, I would have to say something nice about her in my blog. Hmmmm. Uh huh.  Katie Lee Joel was there, and is not only ravishing, she's a CLASS ACT. She was raving about that Hamptons party at Bon Jovi's Saturday night in which her hubby (Billy Joel) jammed with Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffet, Bon Jovi, and Roger Waters. Can you imagine? KLJ was at the Tim party with Howard Stern's hot wife, Beth Ostrovsky.

How about Rocco DiSpirito and "Shear Genius" Salon Manager Rene Fris? Rene is not only adorable, he cuts hair in an upcoming episode of "Tim Gunn's Guide To Style" - and I know you know that show debuts tonight. I wondered what curly topped Rocco and Petra Nemcova were talking about as I had a hilarious chat with gorgeous "30 Rock" star Jane Krakowski, who was literally agog at the sight of all her favorite Bravo Reality stars. I introduced Jane to Laura Bennett, Sexy Sam, Malan Breton from Taiwan, and I don't know who else. She is classic.

Tim was talking to an unknown superstar who is not Jessica Simpson. Tim was VERY VERY mobbed at this party - everyone wanted a chunk of him! As I was talking to people like Jeffrey Sebelia (newly slim due to a recent fast!) And Emmett McCarthy (massive fashion mogul in the making!), people were taunting me with whispers that Ms. Suckson was on her way. I had to split for the "Watch What Happens" broadcast, so I got out of the pain of standing around waiting for the arrival of Chestica to trash up the party.

Why would I go a day without snapping Daniel V's picture on my way out? Why would I do that? Our 'Watch What Happens" was a great show that included surprise calls from "Top Design's" Erik, "Flipping Out's" Jenni, and Tom Colicchio's brother Phil! Whaaaa!? I got a frantic email during the show saying that Chestica Suckson did show up at the party. Alert the media.

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