Bravolicious Weekend

Bravolicious Weekend

Andy earns a spot in OUT magazine's 100 gays of the year!

Man do I love a 3 day-er!

The weekend officially started at 4 pm EST on Friday when Donny and Marie actually sang "Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock n' Roll" on "Oprah". I laughed. I cried. I couldn't get enough. Wow.

That rainy night was the big OUT 100 party at Cipriani Wall Street celebrating OUT's 100 gays of the year issue, in which Tim Gunn and I were fortunate enough to be included. Before the party, Bruce arrived at my house kinda sleepy and not totally in the party zone. I said, "Watch this" and put in the Donny and Marie "Little Bit Country" routine and it worked like a charm. He was ready to go.

Tim Gunn and Tori Spelling "hosted" the event. I didn't see Tori, but I saw the husband in the VIP area. I'd always assumed that he was a complete tool. I think my hunch was right on that one. Tim looked very handsome and was mobbed by homosexuals wanting photos. He gladly complied.

It was a good crowd. I ran into a lot of friends and stumbled right into a full canoodle between "Project Runway 4" designer Jack Mackenroth and "Top Chef Miami" finalist Dale Levitzki. It was very Bravo on Bravo. If they have a baby will it be named "Bravo"? J'adore.

Annie Lennox got an award and was trying to give a passionate speech about HIV and AIDS and people weren't really listening. She got pretty pissed at the crowd and was telling them to shut it. People would not comply and, I mean, if Annie Lennox wants to lecture the gays about HIV I think they should just listen. So that was too bad.

Chaka Kahn performed and ripped the roof off the joint with "Ain't Nobody", "I'm Every Woman" and a new one. Lady Bunny was the DJ and she was fierce as always. There was more that happened but I was overserved voddys so I can't give you more.

I had a double Perilla weekend. Saturday night, Bruce, Troy and Liza and I went for dinner. Harold is finally taking a vacation around Thanksgiving. I am so happy for the guy. He deserves it. Remember how he wanted to buy a Rolex with his "Top Chef" winnings? He finally bought it, and it looks great. That was his one "indulgence" with the money."Sexy" Sam was there having dinner at the bar.

Last night, "Flipping Out" duo Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos were in town. They came by my place for a drink before dinner and I got the full Jeff Lewis treatment on the apartment. I think he approved of my renovation decisions. There were a lot of questions and we went into several scenarios of how I could combine the apartment with the one above mine as Jenni looked on with her wide doe-eyes. It was all very "Flipping Out".

I figured that we should go to Perilla for some more Bravo on Bravo action. We had a great dinner and a lot of laughs. Watching Jeff order, even though he wasn't having a flip out, was entertaining because you think he MIGHT start ordering specific percentages of items. The waitress looked terrified, I gotta tell you. He was beautifully behaved and got no onions on his plate. Then again, Perilla is not Pollo Loco.

Harold arrived mid-meal after having cooked for a Denis Leary Benefit for fireman. He was in good form and is a "Flipping Out" fan, so he was psyched to see that crazy duo in his restaurant.

Jeff has just bought a fantastic new property that he is chomping at the bit to completely reconfigure. It sounds great. We talked about a "Flipping Out" spinoff starring Zoila. Jenny thinks it should be called "Z!" and I like "Z is for Zoila!". Both are good names, don't you think? 12 episodes, please!!

Liza told me that CNN was promo-ing Donny and Marie on "Larry King" all day yesterday and misspelling "Donnie". Either way, I was ready for more Osmonds, and was disappointed when I got the DVR cranking after dinner to find Judge Judy waxing on and on about news stories of the day.

Lemme put it this way, the IDEA of Judge Judy's opinions about Oprah and Britney and Dog the Racist Bounty Hunter is better than the REALITY of her opinions on those topics. And at the top of the show, Judy took credit for the entire genre of judge shows! Here's what, Judy... lemme introduce you to my darling friend Judge Wapner who was around about 20 years before your first eye lift. OK?

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