Bravo Week

Bravo Week

Andy Cohen goes through all the exciting Bravo developments this week.

t was the ultimate beach weekend in New York and I partook in a deep way. Two days soaking in saltwater was the perfect way to prepare for this  HUUUUGE week on Bravo! 

Tomorrow night is the Season 3 premiere of Flipping Out. If this season isn't nominated for an Emmy, I will ... I don't know what I'll do, maybe just be disappointed or maybe become a "cutter." This show is like no other on television: it feels and looks and sounds different, the tone is dark and funny and weird, the music is great, and it is driven by characters that are compelling and original. Jeff and Jenni are in NYC all week (Jeff's on Watch What Happens Live Thursday night) and I'm excited to see them.

Wednesday night is a massive Top Chef bacchanalia, starting with the supersized premiere of our new season in Vegas. What can I say about this new one that you haven't already read?  The chefs are the best we've ever seen and include two brothers duking it out, several James 
Beard alum, a twist on the game involving "high stakes Quickfires" and a fishtank in the kitchen!

On Thursday, the ladies of Atlanta will rock your world, boo. (And if  they don't, I'm sending Pookie to take care of you.) First it's an extended cut (kinda like a DVD director's cut) of the meal and fight culminating into the wig pull. It's dark and surreal and involves Michael Lohan, who happened to be eating in the restaurant at the same time and tries to stop the fight. Watch for NeNe telling him to go back to Malibu, boo. After that it's a supersized new episode at 10 
followed by a special Watch What Happens Live a little after midnight with Kim and Jeff Lewis and Anderson Cooper.

Whew, that is a big week!

This morning I'm writing this blog from the TODAY greenroom. I'm going on Mondays with Hoda and Kathie Lee to talk about the buzz of the week, and this room is pretty buzzy itself.  Kendra Wilkinson is in front of the mirror, Joan Rivers is cracking jokes and sucking on a lozenge, and Top Chef alum Ryan Scott is being sweet as cherry pie. 

Speaking of buzz, I read over the weekend that, following his Watch What Happens Live appearance, a gay magazine made an offer to Levi Johnston to pose nude. You'll recall that he told me Thursday night that he was game but it depended on what kind of coin he'd make. I wonder what the offer is and if he'd really do it. Hmmm. Cause for pause, people.

I got a lot of e-mails about Dwight and his reluctance to answer a lot of my questions. It is indeed "Dawrong" to "pass" on questions on Watch What Happens Live!! The "Dawight" thing to do would be to answer. And since I can't stop talking about it, here's the game we played on last week's show:


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