Andy Cohen catches up on all things Bravo.

I have been yammering on for weeks about everything BUT my day-job. Wouldn't it be a novelty for us all if today I actually discuss some Bravo thangs that are of note!? I think so.

Tonight is the finale of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and, not only do I think that you all should watch, I enjoyed this episode so much that I, who have already seen 4 versions of it in various stages, will be tuning in again!

Last week in LA, I had the pleasure of hosting a "Real Housewives Reunion" which will air next Tuesday as a special on-Bravo-version of "Watch What Happens." Given where things leave off in tonight's finale, there is a lot to discuss in next week's reunion. I will write more next week about the finale taping, but I will say It was a hilarious, surreal, and fun day with the Housewives and their children. They do not disappoint.

That's the thing with reality stars, you're never disappointed because what you see on TV is pretty much what you get in real life. People are always so shocked to find out what actors/singers/talk show hosts are raving maniac assholes in real life, but they're essentially playing characters on TV. Real people are "playing" themselves. You get what I'm saying, right?

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Slade Smiley yesterday before I split LA. It sounds to me that not only is Jo-mania sweeping LA, there seems to be a wave of people smitten with Smiley as well. I don't doubt any of it. The two of them made a big impression this season. Didn't they all?

Did you read on other parts of that casting for Season 4 of Runway has begun??

And did you see that Tim Gunn is my special guest live on "Watch What Happens" tomorrow night after "Top Design"? So send in your questions for Sir Tim!

Speaking of casting, I spent the weekend cooped up in a hotel by the airport in final callbacks for "Top Chef 3" and I can report that it is exactly what I wanted to be doing when it was 86 and sunny outside. Not. But despite my enthusiasm for airport-adjacent hotel-interiors, I made the very best of it.

We met over 30 amazing chefs from all over the country who all think they have what it takes to be Top Chef. I woulda thought they all would have brought us food, wouldn't you? One woman made us each chocolate knives that said "Top Chef 3". She mysteriously made them using the coffee maker in her room. I still don't get it AT ALL but I was in the restroom when she went into the nuts and bolts of how she pulled it off. I have a feeling that even if I had heard the explanation I would not get it. The knives were good though.

This was definitely the most talented group of call-backs we've culled the cast from, and it's encouraging that people that talented want to participate. I am hoping we have the same luck with super talents showing up at Runway Casting. Just that those 30 or so chefs made it that far was a big accomplishment, and we're still haggling amongst ourselves about which dozen or so will make it to Miami.

You'll have to Watch What Happens, as we say, to find out who made the cut.

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