Andy Cohen is going to speak at his alma mater, but dishes on Bravo's new fashion series and last night's premiere party.

They're lighting the tree tonight at Rock Center which means it's a gridlock alert in Manhattan and a shonda in the blocks surrounding the office, so maybe it's a good day to leave town.  Thus, I am en route to Boston this morning to spend the day speaking to students at my alma mater, Boston University's College of Communication. It should be interesting, especially given the fact that my farkakte inner-time clock is hooked up with Indonesia and I got exactly 90 minutes of sleep last night. I got lots o' thinking done as I tossed and turned for four and a half hours, though!

Here is one of the things I figured out at around 4:42 a.m.: all the chitlins to whom I will be speaking today were born during the four years that I was at BU. That is a wee bit de-pressing! Then I spent a few minutes wondering where all the VHS tapes from that era are now. On a barge somewhere? Underground? Ground up in my water? That is more than a wee bit de-pressing.

(I would like to pause and note for the record that I have the capability of stepping outside this blog and realizing that if I weren't me, I might hate me or be very irritated by me. I just want to tell you I am in on the joke that is me. Now let's get back to it....)

Tonight on Bravo is BIG! BIG, I tell ya! First, Top Chef heads to Napa Valley where four chefs will be narrowed down to three. No way have we ever had such a talented final four, and I can't imagine that anybody would be happy to see either Kevin, Jen, Mike, or Bryan go home. It's happening though, starting at 10.

At 11, stay tuned for the premiere of Launch my Line, our brand new fashion competition series. I am addicted to this one. Love, love, love it. It's a new take on fashion competition, giving rise to people who have VISION, but don't have the skills to execute what's in their heads. So we take 10 people who are at the top of their fields (architect, jewelry designer, fashion journalist, choreographer, DJ, and more) and pair them with established fashion designers who will execute their vision. There are individual challenges each week but they are working to create a cumulative line, and the line builds with each piece every week. Dean and Dan Caten, the identical, adorable pocket-sized gay twin duo behind the AMAZING and white hot label DSquared2, are hosts and judges.

We had a party to celebrate the show last night at Avenue.The whole cast was there as well as Dean and Dan and judges Stephanie Greenfield and Lisa Kline. It was a blarst and so cool to see the cast letting go after screening rough cuts of the show all summer. This is a really strong series and I recently rewatched tonight's episode and thought it was one of the best first episodes of a competition show I've seen in a while. 

(Not that I ever give any Bravo show a bad review in this space but I'm always straight with you guys!)

Tomorrow's Watch What Happens Live is going to be a doozy! My old friend Kristen Johnston is starring in a new play So Help Me God! that, if today's writeup in the NY Times is any indication, I think is bound to be a huge comedic hit. She is so freaking funny and will join me live along with the mucho machismo and sexismo  Mark Consuelos. Mark was honored for his AIDS charity work last night and e-mailed me this pic of he and Real Housewife of New Jersey Dina!



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