Andy Cohen contemplates why Sir Elton John would need a bodyguard.

One of the great things about L.A. is spotting celebs anywhere and everywhere. Just last Saturday I saw the First Ladies of Bravo, but that wasn't a spotting as much as a way for me to plug a new episode of OC Housewives coming up tonight. The ladies hit Vegas and meet men at a nightclub and …

If you want to see major hotties in L.A., go to Equinox on Sunset Blvd at any point in the day. They're all actors inside, and they're around all day. And, no matter when you go, you WILL run into Fabio! Not Top Chef Italiano Fabio Viviani, I'm talking Mr. Romance Novel, he of the massive chestplate.

He's sporting a modest bob and has aged very well, in case you care.

Last night I was at a really private, secluded, posh L.A. restaurant and Sir Elton John was there with TWO bodygaurds watching him from the bar. Um. Who's after him? And who's after him at an entertainment industry haunt? Were they there to fend off a potential attack du Jackie Collins? (She was there too.) I didn't get it.

Then one of America's Biggest Sweethearts comes in. With a bodygaurd. Her I kinda get, and she travelled lightly, with only one. And people wanna hug and touch and finger her, like Oprah. So maybe this hot bodygaurd dude was there to fend off the hugs and fingers.

I still don't get the Elton thing, though. Would Mick have a bodygaurd? Would he have two? Bono? Manilow? Are people trying to rip off Sir Elton's clothes? Steal his jewelry? Kiss David Furnish? Are they gay-for-pay? Do they want to gaurd a 40-year-old TV dude? Does Beyonce have a bodygaurd?  (She should).

While our amazing web folks continue to upgrade the site, I will ponder the bodygaurd question. Let me know what you think of da Housewives tonight.

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