Bobbie Battista On Jury Duty

Bobbie Battista On Jury Duty

Andy Cohen blogs from the courthouse!

Before I get into the day's bidness, quick reminder that Laura Bennett and a "Top Design" superstar are the live guests tonight on "Watch What Happens." Call us live at 11est! Or email us HERE.

Hope you enjoyed the big Reunion Show last night! It was fun and weird watching and I found myself obsessed with how crossed my eyes are. I will never forget Jay Kernis (head of programming at NPR) telling me 16 years ago that I could never be on air because of my crossed eyes. I didn't believe him and then I was obsessed with it last night! I would say they are a solid six with 10 being totally crossed! I looked like Bobbie Battista!!

I have been reporting dutifully for jury duty the last couple days and after dodging a few bullets and walking in circles due to my Bobbie Battista-ness, I have been assigned a trial.

The curious thing about jury duty is the people you meet. They are the fabric of NYC! On my jury are a pawn broker, a toxicologist, a gift distributor, a lawyer, and a fashion pr person who used to represent Austin Scarlett.

The gift distributor is that classic NYC lady of a certain age with golden blond bob and a mouth that does not stop. During jury selection yesterday she was very opinionated In her disregard for the type of trial that taunted us, and shared with the group many fascinating details of her life. I told her that I thought her plan was going to backfire and that she'd be assigned to the case. I'd heard from someone else that sometimes they pick the "mouthy ones" to serve. The gift lady did not appreciate my calling her mouthy. Not one bit.

By the way, it takes a mouth to call someone else mouthy. And being mouthy and opinionated rascals backfired at the end of jury selection. We were all chosen, none of us could believe it, and we were all incredibly mouthy about it.

So here I sit at 111 Centre Street awaiting the courtroom with my mouthy new posse. When I walked into the room, the gift lady reported that she'd seen me host the "Housewives" reunion show last night. Mazel, gift lady. She thought I was cute, that the ladies were not her cup of tea, and that she really was turning on Bravo to see if "Law and Order" was on. (The toxicologist likes "Top Chef.")

OK folks, we're being led into the jury room so I gots to run. Tomorrow I will report what you DIDN'T see from last night's big reunion.

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