Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine

Ooh, it's Friday the 13th, which means that I will kill whoever winds up being my Valentine. OK that's neither funny nor cool. I won't kill my Valentine.

But I am at the DMV this morning replacing my driver's license and I have a hunch that before the morning is over I might just kill "Cheryl," the gal behind the information desk. "Cheryl" is your classic DMVLady (Check One: Don't Know, Don't Care) and I think that "Cheryl" is a mean, withholding, nasty lady. I know that she's stuck at the licenseXpress office on 34th street all day dealing with IDIOTS (not me of course), but I approached her with a big smile and she shut my ass down.

"Cheryl" gives just enough information to not answer your question - "Cheryl" begs more questions. I know it is a mistake to ask "Cheryl" for information, given that that it is her job and she must hate it, and that she sits under a sign which says "Information," but I faux pas'ed by throwing her a query about a new driver's license foto and that was too much for my girl. Her non-response sent me into a Matrix-like hold pattern between two lines and two forms.

What I figured out - with no help from C - is that if you want a new photo, it's one long route and if you don't it's actually kind of "fast." I went for "fast" but when the adorable, helpful, woman of my DMV dreams behind counter 7 saw my foto that I was renewing, circa 1992 on the day I went to interview the Buttafuocos on Long Island, she made me update it. She felt so strongly that she gave me a "cut the line" pass and sent me on my way. The new pic is better and I love counter 7 girl.

And I will cry foul if it turns out that "Cheryl" has a valentine and counter 7 lady does not.

Last night was a serious black tie, star studded AmfAR fundraiser at Cipriani honoring Donna Karan and Liza Minelli. Rachel Zoe was there (with Roger!) with Season 2 camera crews in tow. She's got a bananas week of fashion and the Oscars so I don't envy that insanity. The guests and speakers were Natasha Richardson, Mary J Blige, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Stanley Tucci, a ton of Gossip Girl girls, Anna Wintour, and Harry Belafonte.

Afterwards I dragged my tired ass to the New York Models party to raise a glass to Cory Bautista and Season 2 of Make Me a Supermodel. Nothing like a model party to wake said tired ass up, and it did. Tyson was there in all his fierceness, and so were the Van Kampen's of RHNYC and Ronnie Kroell, who is about to launch his singing career (it's true.) I am pretty excited about Season 2 of Supermodel and, in the meantime, am loving watching America's Next Top Model on Bravo.

CAB REPORT: Look what I found on the floor of 9H71!

It's a crisp dollar bill, and when I proudly gave it to Dinesh Rajt, he shunned me. Dinesh is worse than "Cheryl"! Actually, they deserve each other.

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