Bloody Monday

Bloody Monday

Andy catches up on some Bravo watching while the sun stays away.

It's not bloody, but it still seems to be April in NYC, and so maybe that's getting a wee bit tiring and so I might kill someone today. Otherwise everything's FINE here.

Tonight is a brand new episode of Kathy Griffin featuring Paula Deen. It's a REALLY funny one and KG gets surprisingly blue with PDiddy! (And by PDiddy I am referring to Paula Deen and not the artist formerly known as PDiddy.)  It's fairly dark humor, so I love it.

The weekend was so rainy which allowed me to get a lot of work done and that means screening a ton of upcoming shows, and by that I mean Housewives of Atlanta (which makes Season 1 look like going to church), Rachel Zoe (which features more A-List fashion designers than you can imagine), Flipping Out (did Jeff really compare Jenni to Amanda Woodward in the episode I watched?) and Top Chef Masters (watch for all the "Top Chefs" to make an appearance this season.)  There could be worse ways to spend a weekend.  Alternatively, I was at the beach so it would've been fun to SWIM perhaps.

I was secretly psyched when the internet connection at my beach house was screwed up a few weeks ago. I felt like it might give me a simpler, Facebook-free summer.  It's working now, though, which enabled me to waste some solid time online over the weekend, where I saw that this preview clip from the "Jersey" reunion started to make the rounds ...

We can talk more about this later -- or not -- but the reason I was offended was that Joe was using the term as a synonym for "bad" or "stupid." I later told Caroline that if I subbed the word "gay" for "Italian," she wouldn't care for the connotation either. The whole thing is a worthwhile conversation to have, and it is for that very reason that I think it was helpful to see play out in the actual episode at the dance class. It provoked a discussion about whether something is "right" or "wrong" to say and you see everybody's point of view. Housewives is really one big PSA, people!

The LA Times ran a big piece on me Sunday and I was relieved when it went up online on Friday so I didn't have to spend any more of the weekend wondering what the hell was going to be in the article. The author of the piece used to run Gawker so I was a little scared that I was going to fall into his spell and reveal myself to be a total moron. As it happens, I only mildly come off like a tool and there's a not-amazing picture of me in a rumply shirt checking my BlackBerry - but otherwise I thought it was good.

I was watching videos on FunnyorDie yesterday and was psyched to find one called "The Sentimentalist" that my friend Tuc Watkins wrote, produced, and starred in. You may remember Tuc from One Life to Live and Desperate Housewives or perhaps you just remember his overall hot-ness, anyway he's funny too so you gots to check out his video.

OK I am late for work and the trackwheel (I'm actually talking about the PEARL in the middle of the device) on my Blackberry is broken again and I might go bats*** until I get a new one. Have a good day!

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