Bloody Monday

Bloody Monday

Andy Cohen dishes on fashion week chaos.

It is fashion week in NYC and the city is filled with crazy people ready to blow at any minute...

Yesterday afternoon I was at the DVF show at Bryant Park and the pre-runway chaos among the fashion barbarians seemed even more chaotic than normal. It was every one-name in town like J. Lo and Uma and Tim and Anna and Anderson and Eva on and on.

I know that "Gossip Girl" is so white-hot that it will scald you if you look at it the wrong way, but does said white-hotness merit my getting MANHANDLED by Leighton Meister's security team on her way out?? Seriously. Leighton Meister. Her SECURITY TEAM. What is that? What does she need security FROM?

I am still flummoxed by the amount of halitosis that comes my way whenever I go anywhere. I am at Orange Alert regarding my own breath as a result of what's coming my way. Is there a proper way to tell someone they need a gut-cleansing to clean the cauldron of stink coming from their innards? Or even just a MINT? I might need to call the Countess and ask.

The DVF party was fierce. Rachel Zoe was in full force, in green and gold, raving about the dresses she'd just seen. That lady knows what she's talking about and I am excited for her show launch tomorrow night. She was off to the huge party for the 40th Anniversary of Calvin Klein on the High Line last night that was meant to be amazing.

Speaking of anniversaries, I went home and watched in amazement at how not great the 25th Anniversary VMAs were. BUMMER. I love the VMAs.

Britney at the VMAs was like Sarah Palin at the Convention. You've seen the pictures of her barefoot at the gas station and then she cleans up real perty when they tell her to, and thanks the Lord a few times. Do we believe that Brit is real crazy or crazy real? What about America's other sweetheart, Sarah? As long as we can convert some gays under her watch, I'm good with her.

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