Bleecker Street on Crack

Bleecker Street on Crack

Andy Cohen examines the war of the windows.

First things first, it is a total winter wonderland here today ... absolutely beautiful and fantastic and my super-cheap Marc Jacobs wellies were the perfect investment to get me through tough times like these.


I often bore you to tears with my reports of the insanity going on in the West Village, but I just have to show you what's happening on Bleecker Street right now, because it's a total war of the windows. Marc Jacobs is raising the bar and leading the charge. In his women's store, he's seems to be selling an old car:


His accessories store is wallpapered top to bottom with fake flowers:


His Little Marc Jacobs kidporium had a live mongrel plushy coaxing kids to explore his secret pouch:


I was taking a picture of this window, featuring this (erotic?) stack of napsacks, when I ran into Marc's fur-clad beau Lorenzo (LoLo). I wanted to take a picture of his fur coat and yellow shoes, but instead I let him take a pic of me, and then continued taking pictures of napsacks.


Ralph Lauren is not one to shy away from cars and napsacks. Did he step up to the game enough with his horsey in the window of the men-tique? Me no think so.


Wait — THIS is more like it. Ralph brings it full throttle to his kid-tique with a Bleecker Street fave, another car!! Where's everybody getting these cars???


My fave gift store, The End of History, needs absolutely no cars or flowers or plushies to stay fresh. They just show their amazing glass-tiques. Their firetrap of a building just almost burnt to dust, but they're back in business with some amazing new stuff.


OMG now THIS is an insane window! How'd they get these rare penguins inside the window of the Marc Men's Winter Boutique!?!?! WHAT WILL HE THINK OF NEXT?!?!?


Um, I was kidding about the penguins. They're actually something I took at the Central Park Zoo on Saturday. I hope I've just given Marc an idea because I'd love to not have to shlep to Central Park to see them. The very best window of all belongs to James Perse. It's a simple American Flag:


God Bless America. And Bleecker Street.


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