Big Night

Big Night

Andy Cohen celebrates his birthday with good friends and good food.

I had such a great birthday yesterday — just the best vibes all around all day. Thanks for your comments and tweets and Facebooks and all that stuff.  That was a great gift to keep me chugging through the day.

Tuesday night I assembled my posse of friends dating back over 20 years for a night of old fashioned debauchery at the Bowery Bar. That place STILL has it going on on a Tuesday night. We had a lot of fun. Another great gift was a fun lunch yesterday with my former fellow CBS intern Julie Chen at Marea. That place is spectacular and beautiful, just like the Empress of Big Brother.

My Aunt Judy sent me some awesome cupcakes from a new bakery, Butch Bakery, in NYC.  The idea of this bakery is that they make manly cupcakes for men who like cupcakes but don't want pink frilly sprinkles and unicorns. I am not sure I get that mission statement, but these cupcakes were not only inordinately fresh and good — they were indeed very manly with toppings like herringbone and plaid.


The point is that there are about 100 places in town to get cupcakes BESIDES the Magnolia Bakery, and that the cupcakes at Magnolia not only are too sugary and buttery, they are very overrated and just not too good. So before you wait in that line or freak out when you see Magnolia, try Butch's or elsewhere.

Last night was some Benihana birthday madness with my friends Jeanne and Fred and their two boys, Joey and Solly. Solly is actually named Andrew, after yours truly, and we share a birthday. So he was 8 and I was 42 and we had a Benihana mindmeld, as you can see....


Oh hey, you know where's fun on a Thursday night that is not Benihana? The Bravo Clubhouse! Tonight I'm having a Real Housewives of NYC finale party with Kelly Ripa. That chick has seen every episode of RHNYC, and she and I are going to count down our favorite moments of Season 3 and I'll give you a sneak peak at the reunion show.

By the way, did you see the cover of US Magazine? WOWZA.


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