Big Night

Big Night

Andy Cohen returns to late-night tonight with Tamra Barney and Jeff Lewis.

I am dosed up on every kind of over-the-counter nonsense you can think of, trying to shake a deep cold taunting my innards. My goal is to be in fighting shape by midnight and the live launch of Season 2 of Watch What Happens Live featuring Tamra Barney and Jeff Lewis.  Tamra has been in the news recently because her husband Simon served her with divorce papers last week and charged her with infidelity. I will be interested to hear her side of that story tonight. All of this is following a new episode of O.C. 'Wives, of course.

Gretchen seems to have something to say about Tamra's woes and Simon's allegations, which is probably fitting since Tamra had plenty to say last year about her. Next week, Gretchen will be on the big show with hunky Cheyenne 30 Rock Jackson. And we'll tape the O.C. Reunion at the end of the month, and there's no way that won't be a lot of fun.

Does anyone else agree with me that OC is kind of the Knots Landing of the Housewives franchises? The others, to me, are more Dynasty/Dallas-like and this one is kind of quieter, relatable drama localized to the cul de sac.  Maybe I'm overthinking it, but that's what I get paid to do.

One of the countless reasons I am looking forward to doing more Watch What Happens Live is that we'll be on following the NY Housewives. There is SO MUCH drama on that show, and the women are so fun and outspoken and addictive that I am really psyched to have them all commenting and reacting to their show just after it airs.

I got caught up in the hype (what, me?) of Game Change yesterday and stopped into Barnes and Noble to see if they even had any copies left. (My friend said it was not to be found anywhere.) It was not a problem; they had stacks of it. I bought it and am looking forward to getting into it this weekend in L.A.

Lastly, the Haiti story is so sad and devastating to watch and we all need to help. I am making a real donation this week, but I did the thing where you text "Haiti" to 90999 and they charge you 10 bucks on your cellphone bill. That goes to the Red Cross.

See you at midnight!


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