Andy Cohen gives a first-person account of the instantly-legendary Betty White-hosted episode of 'SNL.'

Last weekend was a bit of a jumble, but before I get to that I want to remind you that tonight is Episode 2 of RHNJ, and if you haven't yet seen our Watch What Happens Live After Show, check it out right here.... Ellen Barkin reveals that she uses freakin' STEM CELLS on her face.  UM.....

Friday night I went to see Promises, Promises and was rolling at Sean Hayes' hilarious and sweet performance. If that's his Broadway DEBUT, then I can't imagine what greatness will follow. Kristin Chenoweth is always great and didn't disappoint. I went backstage after and went deep with her about Bravo — that lady knows her stuff!

We had a late supper at Joe Allen's and then a very, very, very late night at Bar Centrale, where we ran into Jessie Tyler Gingey — I mean Ferguson — who was in the eye of a hurricane of megawatti celebs in the back. We closed the place down. Saturday I recovered and screened some Bravo shows.

Saturday night we were back at 30 Rock where we were lucky enough to hang out and watch the Betty WhiteOut. Wow! It was such a blast and she KILLED. Producer Marci Klein was raving about how prepared she was, even in the face of their having about 40 minutes of excess skits that got cut after dress rehearsal (the cut skits, including Debbie Downer, are on  When it was over, Betty got standing ovations and cheers for her walk from the studio through the hallways to her dressing room door, which I hear was an SNL first. It was overwhelming and awesome.

The party after was a blast mainly because the SNL all-star ladies were there, and Betty got another big round of applause on her way in, and when she left around 3 a.m. I got to chat with my funnylady idols Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler, and Rachel Dratch, so I was in heaven.

Here's another look at the little moment I had with Betty on Thursday's Watch What Happens Live.....

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