Best '08 Bravo Moments!

Best '08 Bravo Moments!

Andy Cohen on Bravo's Best Moments of 2008

There have been so many great moments on Bravo this year, and it's a perfect moment to look back in the '08 rearview and sort through our favorites. My faves won't be yours, and many of them are just ridiculous, self-centered, and happened backstage and not on TV. Here are 10 of my tops, and I'll have 10 more tomorrow. (Post YOURS below..)

** On the "Flipping Out" reunion, I LOVED when Zoila talked about what Jeff Lewis had taught her.

Here's the clip:

** There's not much that comes out of Patti Stanger's mouth that doesn't make me laugh. Or gape. My favorite Patti quote is in explaining the rules of her club, which prohibit sex: "It Can't go IN (points to mouth), and it can't go IN (points to crotch)." WELL PUT, Patti!

On "Million Dollar Listing", I couldn't help admiring the majesty and insanity that is Chad's hair. Here's a clip of Shear Genius in motion: ** Speaking of "Shear Genius", I thought the challenges this season were tremendous, and especially loved the "Charlie's Angels" episode. Kate Jackson looked beautiful and seemed as though she'd completely lost her marbles. A perfect combo. Here's a preview of that episode: ** I was going over this list on Larry Flick's Sirius OutQ radio show last week, and since he and his crew are such huge Bravo fans I saved a place on my list for one of THEIR fave moments of the year. It was a tie between RHNYC's Bethenny visiting the Van Campen's Brooklyn townhouse, and anything and everything having to do with RHATL's Dwight. Here's Dwight in action!

** I loved the moment in the very first episode of "Step it Up and Dance" when Elizabeth Berkley did her signature Nomi-move for the gay dancers who were standing with their tongues hanging out. That was fierceness.

** Speaking of fierceness, seeing that little fierce-let Christian Siriano crowned winner of "Project Runway" last February by Vicki Beckham and Crew was pretty amazing. It was also amazing seeing Beckham's total professionalism compared to the insanity of dealing with J-Lo and her "twisted ankle" months later during the Season 5 finale.

** I love the housewives, and this next very big moment happened off Bravo's air, but it made my list anyway.. It's a clip I shot at the A-List Awards rehearsal when I introduced the NYC Housewives to the OC gals for the very first time, on camera... WOW.

** I'm going off-list, but while I'm thinking of the A-List Awards, I really should mention that I did enjoy asking Lance Bass about Lou Perlman fiddling with he and the Backstreet Boys:

** I love anything having to do with "The Rachel Zoe Project" because that lady is fun to watch. I love her vocab, I love Brad, I love Tay, I love Roger, and I love all the couture-porn along the way. Here's a clip:

** The "Top Chef" finale in Puerto Rico makes my list, just because it was such a fun shoot. We wrapped the last episode at 5 am and all headed to a bar and celebrated the first female "Top Chef" until the sun came up. Here's Tom and I having a chat before the final judge's table, with a funny cameo by Gail, who won a bet by walking into our shot..

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