Bendels Doesn't Care About You

Bendels Doesn't Care About You

Andy Cohen fumes about VIP shopping.

Can you imagine trying to shop for something, being blocked by security and told you can't because a "celebrity" is inside shopping? Have you heard of this thing? Stores are shutting down quickly during the day and department stores are blocking off sections so that "celebrities" can shop?

Apparently stores on Robertson Blvd are constantly throwing a velvet rope up and closing for 20 minutes so that Misha or Nicole or whatever loser can shop in peace. I get it and anyone who goes shopping on Robertson is clearly looking for some kind of humiliation, but now the madness is infecting NYC.

"First Class All the Way" star Sara Duffy was in my office the other day having just been stopped by security and shut out of two sections of Bendels so that LINDSAY LOHAN COULD SHOP. I would freak. What about normal Joe Plumbers like me and Sarah Palin? I guess we have to wait for Lindsay's bump to wear off in the accessories department before trying to lay down some green?

Shame on Bendels for caring more about Lindsay Lohan than their customers!! Stop the madness - there is enough crazy going on in NYC already.


** I have gotten a lot of posts asking if there's going to be a "Project Runway" reunion show. There's not and I am sorry. It's complicated. In the meantime the guys at Project Rungay did a hilarious take on what the reunion show WOULD'VE been had it happened - check it out.

** The reviews are pretty good for W today. In my hysteria for Thandie Newton's channeling of Condoleeza, I forgot to mention how great Josh Brolin is. They should've given Ellen Burstyn more to do - and a fatsuit - to play Barbara Bush. I was desperately trying to decipher Ben Brantley's coded writing to determine what he thought of "All My Sons" but I have a really hard time figuring out from where he's coming. I THINK he normally does get carried away by superstars on Broadway but was kinda punishing Katie Holmes by barely mentioning her. Maybe he was sending a message to Tom Cruise indirectly? I don't know. Either I'm dumb or he no make much sense. (Ok, I'm dumb..)

** And since I am dumb, I DID read and understand the much simpler NY Post review of the Hallmark Channel's film "Ladies of the House" starring Florence Henderson, Donna Mills & Pam Grier. This is a World Premiere Original Movie, People! And the paper loved it. Really!

** And um how is it possible that I didn't write about Maureen McCormack's appearance on the Today show the other day???? MoMack goes superdeep with Meredith about battling coke, fear of Syphilis, low self-esteem, and Eve Plumb!!!!! It was off the hook! Close down the pantyhose section for THAT LADY! She deserves it more than Blohan. I ordered MoMack's tome on Amazon and will report further.

** I better start talking about Miley Cyrus or something before I get fired for being old and irrelevant.

CAB REPORT: You know who cares about the regular Joe more than Bendels? Javed Chowdhoury, that's who! His taxi, 5C99, is built for speed and comfort. I felt like a freaking KING. The fare was 11 and I gave him 2 but if it came to it I'd give him the clothes off my back.

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