Barack Has Big Ears

Barack Has Big Ears

This and other observations from Andy Cohen.

It's fall in NYC everybody! There's a nip in the air, I had firewood delivered yesterday and I'm wearing an overcoat today. I am FEELING it.

It was a crazy whirlwind weekend that amounted to a lot of fun and some TCB'in too. Friday night I went with some friends to see "The Seagull" on Broadway. It made me very sleepy for the first 20 minutes, then I snapped out of it and was enthralled.

Kristen Scott Thomas was great. Renee Taylor was a couple rows back and I hear she dozed a wee bit, but that could be hearsay. We went to Orso for dinner and then I split for the Out 100 after party at the Chelsea Hotel. I was drilled about my choice to see "The Seagull" over recently reunited supergroup LaBelle perform at that Out 100 event. Hmmm.

All I know is that somehow I dropped, or let go of, my new cashmere sweater amongst hundreds of homos in the Chelsea Hotel basement and I will never hear from that powder blue 4-ply again. I miss it, and for the last two nights while trying to sleep, I think I hear it faintly crying. (It misses me too.) This economy is not one to be dropping sweaters in dingy basements. What am I thinking??

The gay uniform of late seems to be vests with ties, by the way. This is not hearsay, it is the troof.

On Saturday I rallied with thousands of pissed gays at City Hall. I am a latecomer to the issue of gay marriage because I stupidly believed it to be completely the same thing as civil unions, but it isn't and it is just not fair.

How great that Wanda Sykes came out of the closet at the Las Vegas rally. She's gay and pissed, which is not an amazing combo. You do not want to piss off the gays.

I hear that December 10 is going to be a day without Gays. Apparently gays are going to call in 'gay' to work - which is like calling in sick but not really - and they're going to donate their time to community service. The idea is to out-love the people who want to deny us rights. That's a cute idea. Another fun thing to do would be for gays to just drop out of society so that everybody can see how boring it is without us for a day.

And on that note, is there a reason that 80 percent of the skits on Saturday's SNL were making fun of gay people? Is that the only funny thing?

Saturday night, Graciela jimmied up a dinner at Indochine and it was such a party there that we all began to wonder why we take Indochine for granted. Sure it's been there forever, but the music was tremendous, fashion filled the air, the crowd was hot, and we ran into a ton of people. Indochine never goes out of style.

Yesterday night I presented an award at Paper Magazine's 4th Annual Nightlife Awards at Mansion. If you wonder where all the very young, very hot people are hiding, go to a Paper Event and you'll find them. I ran into Ben from "Make Me a Supermodel", Josie from "Top Chef" and the Emperor of "Project Runway" Christian Siriano, who will celebrate his birthday tomorrow. We also saw Richie Rich, Pedro Andrade, Mark Ronson, Amanda Lepore, "Big Brother 5" hottie Will Wikle. (You do know that Season 5 was the finest of all in BB history, right??)

I presented the award for Restaurant of the Year with Trannie Club legend Sophia LaMar. It was a very ghetto presentation and I couldn't see the monitor to read the nominees as the video was playing so I sucked. Oh and guess who won the award, Indochine! That is cookoo! They were up against Butter, the Waverly Inn, Gemma, and a couple more. Solange performed and she was very Beyonce-lite.

When I got home I watched our superstar President Elect on "60 minutes" and marveled at his calm intelligence and absolutely enormous ears. How have I not noticed his completely elephantine appendages!? They look very clean, but looking at someone's ear closely is an easy way to freak yourself out. It is just a weird bit of business, an ear.

Regardless, I could listen to he and Michelle read the phone book, and I was excited that he plugged my friend Jonathan Alter's book THE DEFINING MOMENT: FDR'S HUNDRED DAYS AND THE TRIUMPH OF HOPE.

CAB REPORT: Darling Mohammad Ullah almost lulled me to sleep as he spoke softly and calmly into his earbud for our entire journey. His cool determination and smokey baritone made me slowly think of 7J19's Captain as man for all seasons, a keeper.

When I told him that he and I could not legally marry, he seemed sad, but determined.

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