Ban The 'keets!

Ban The 'keets!

A parakeet fetish? Andy Cohen does not approve.

Tonight might be the one to cancel plans and park it in front of the tube...

First the ChenBot hosts a live eviction on "Big Brother" on CBS, followed by Bravo's finale of "Million Dollar Listing" and the premiere of "The Rachel Zoe Project".

Yesterday we went to see Isaac Mizrahi's show at the Hammerstein Ballroom. The show was a beauty and the staging featured an amazing effect. Models walked down the first part of a square runway, which was lit from above by a series of yellowish fluorescent lights. They turned a corner, out of the glow of yellow and under spotlights that revealed their garment's true color. Do you get what I am saying? ANYHOW, it was cool. And we ran into Veronica Webb who is an Isaac fave and was working a hot bangs look.

From there it was a super secret (until now?) "Project Runway" shoot and the gang was all there. As I was saying my goodbye to Nina in front of Parsons, I saw a man walking down the street with a rather large parakeet perched on his shoulder. Only in New York, kids.

When I got home I ran into an old pal in front of my building. In the midst of our subsequent yapfest walks a man sporting a perched parakeet. A DIFFERENT man and different 'keet - yet both were Groovy Ghoulies, if ya get my drift. Whatever - it was filthy.

I don't get this parakeet fetish lifestyle that seems to be taking over this fine city, and I think that America's fave Soccer Mom - who is MOST CERTAINLY READY ON DAY ONE to be Vice Prezzy - should put this obscene parakeet lifestyle on her "Books to Ban" and "People to Convert" list.

These 'keet lovers are FILTHY PEOPLE. They are POISONING OUR CHILDREN and trying to get SPECIAL RIGHTS and we're all bound to get KENNEL COUGH from them. They should be converted with prayer, and until that happens they should be banned and quarantined. Only Sarah Palin is capable of this and that's why I am supporting her. Does ANYONE care about VALUES anymore? I'm just askin'.


I was thrashing in bed last night trying to sleep and I made the horrible mistake at around 1 AM of turning on Showtime 2 to see what was happening in the Big Brother House and I'll be damned if all hell wasn't breaking loose in Studio City with Keisha FREAKING OUT. Sobbing. Convulsing. Then doing her toenails while she sobbed and convulsed. It was riveting.

Did you see the "Stand Up For Cancer" thing with the new "Hands Across America" theme song? Go to YouTube because it is kind of insane. It is every one-named lady singer (Mariah, Beyonce, Fergie, Rihanna, Miley...) singing an absolutely wretched song. Cancer deserves better than this song. Give money anyway, but the song ain't no good.

CAB REPORT: In minivan 3D65, he did his thing, and I did mine. I blogged and he drove, and that's how I like it. The fare was $11.30 and I gave him $13.00.

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