Backstage Five Seasons Of Fab

Backstage Five Seasons Of Fab

Andy Cohen says goodbye to Project Runway.

This is it. Tonight Bravo puts a bow around five great seasons of our beloved "Project Runway". I will be live taking your questions with the winner and the other girls tonight at after the show. Check it out and help us celebrate!

Andy's Blog is all about personal meanderings of my Bravo life and my outside life, and it started almost three years ago largely as way to interact directly with you, our loyal BravoLovers, about our shows.

I started blogging at the beginning of "Runway's" second season, and the blogs quickly turned into an explanation of what the hell the judges were thinking keeping Santino in the game.

I used to call Nina at Elle pretty much every Thursday to get some quotes to feed people posting below the blog. (This was before we had a ton of other blogs...)

I love taking pictures, and I think today's a great day to share a couple of my favorite behind the scenes memories of the last five years.


Season 1 finalists Jay, Kara, and Wendy wait to find out who won! (Um, it was Jay.)


Tim and Heidi studying their cards before taping the season one reunion show, the one where everybody got hammered and Vanessa spilled her wine and made a scene.


I wish I could remember what award Mayor Bloomberg gave the show, but I was psyched to get a picture with he and Heidi because I feel that this picture represents one of the weirdest Menage á trois in history!


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