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Anduy Cohen shares pictures from his St.Tropez vacation!

How to recover after ten days in the South of France? Slowly, I guess.

It was a lot of indulgence, rest, and of course this...


Even the beautiful swizzle sticks of St. Tropez work it on the beach...


I am still tasting this truffle cheese...


And this iced up caviar...


There are many reasons to love the Club 55.

You will be swimming next to Hugh Jackman in the Mediterranean, you will have the best choice of Hartford shirts at the beachside store (I can only find them at Scoop in the states and the 55 selection seems to be exclusive to 55), and the gorgeous flowers they put on your table.


Oh and the bread that comes next...


And then the dinosaur-sized crudite...


Ok I have to stop because it really is boring looking at pictures of inanimate objects from someone else's vacation.


Usually the parade of people boarding a plane is not the group you also might find in the adverts of the magazines in your lap, but Delta's NICE-JFK was a parade of hotties yesterday! And they were all likely so dumb that they enjoyed the in flight film offerings of "Nim's Island" and "Drillbit Taylor"...

Jesse Helms is dead. What a horrible man he was. I read something great on Towleroad: "to all the people who died too soon or who lived without being able to live life to its fullest as a result of Jesse Helms and his influence, may you rest in peace..."

I got back to the city yesterday and spotted SIX of my favorite West Village haunts shuttered. I'm not even talking about Florent, which we knew. Valdino West is gone as is the sweet little coffee shop on 8th between 13th and 14th. And Fassbinder, the jewelry store full of kind of ugly jewelry. Stinks.

CAB REPORT: Abdul Rahmatzadah has a sweet spot for NPR and... Yosemite Sam! (who doesn't!?) His darling Yosemite Sam footmats kept me entertained in cab 2G10 for several blocks. They say "All Fired Up!"

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