Back in NYC

Back in NYC

Andy Cohen is back from L.A. ... which means the return of Cab Reports!

It's good to be back at 30 Rock!

I know Obama's President and we're done waterboarding and we apologize for mistakes and stuff now, but I just want to flag the fact that I somehow lost my driver's license in LA and the dude at security at LAX let me through with my NBC ID card and an Amex. I was psyched, but is that secure? 

On the plane I devoured the (seemingly sold out at LAX) Obama Vanity Fair which I guess is actually the Hollywood Issue. I'm glad they skipped a year of starlets on the cover in favor of America's current biggest star. There are photos of everybody in the administration inside with a glaring exception. Where was Michelle? She's the money. 

And in the Hollywood pictorial, check out the amazing photo of Meryl Streep, who looks like a woman her age should aspire to look, as opposed to being shot up to hell with horse tranquilizers.

There's a great piece inside by Matt Tyrnauer about the architect John Woolf, a pioneer of the Hollywood Regency style of archictecture, who I'm thinking was also a pioneer in getting around the illegality of gay marriage. Basically he was dating this dude for years and he realized he wouldn't be able to leave him his estate, so he ADOPTED him. After 10
or 15 years, they got a little bored in their relationship and brought in another guy, and then Woolf adopted HIM.  n the end, he wound up with THREE boyfriend/adoptees! You get what I'm saying? I arrived in the tundra that is Manhattan around 6:30 and made it to the Second Stage Theater just in time for the curtain of "Becky Shaw," the new play by Gina Gionfriddo in which a newlywed couple sets up two friends and all hell breaks loose. (That is a horrible summary of the play.) The real star of the play is Gionfriddo, who also writes for Law and Order; her writing is acerbic, dark, and hilarious.   

Danny DeVito was sitting behind us and he liked it too.

I just checked my blog mailbox and see that a number of you are e-mailing about your comments not showing up on the Housewives page, exit videos you can't find on the Top Chef page, missing photos, and basically all hell breaking loose on the site. I just talked to the suits at and they assured me that they're still in transition-mode getting the site perfect and they are working on everything as fast and furious as they can. They asked for everybody to be patient and soon the site will be better than any of us can possibly imagine in our wildest dreams..

CAB REPORT: It was so freaking cold this morning that I just went for it and grabbed a cab. I have nothing to say about my ride, though, because I was pounding this out on my Blackberry.  The fare was only $9.30 and it took no time whatsoever, so I'm flirting with returning to the high life of taxi rides in the ayem.

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