Back In NYC

Back In NYC

Andy Cohen returns after an awards show in LA.

It is good to be back home after a good and very busy week in LA.

Saturday was a blast at the HRC Heroes awards, where Bravo was honored with the Corporate Visibility Award. Our table was fairly hilarious as it consisted of Ricki Lake, Christian Siriano with his pal Jack who wore a vest, Nick Verreos and his boyfriend David Paul, Jesse Brune with Kailen, and Bravo's Cori Abraham and Brenda Lowry. And my parents.

Do you think it is appropriate that some guy said the following to my dad on the way out of the bathroom: "the best thing is that anything that comes out of your dick, no matter what, feels good." WHAT IS THAT? Is it apropos banter to my FATHER at an HRC event at the CENTURY PLAZA, the joint that calls itself the 'Western White House'?

I asked my dad how he replied to this person's convostopper. He said that he nodded. That is an appropriate enough response. Was the guy making a friendly observation? Whaaasup? I think he was.

The Human Rights Campaign Fund is a great organization, politically and socially. I was so happy that I renewed my membership a few days BEFORE I found out we were getting this award, as opposed to guiltily renewing under cloak of darkness on the plane to LA.

The night was full of people who have done a lot for the gays, like Anne Hathaway, Neil Patrick Harris, Judith Light, Nia Vardalos. And Ricki. There were amazing tributes and ouzo at every table courtesy of Nia Vardalos.

Our award was the bitter end of the night, and it wasn't the equivalent of other end of the nighters, like Best Picture Prize. I.e. the peeps in the room weren't waiting with baited breath for that Vision Award.

When the time came, Nick, Christian and Jesse talked about what it means to be out and gay on Bravo before Ricki Lake introduced me very kindly. And the DVD player broke during our tape, which was a bummer! But I am hoping we can put it online soon so you can see the bravogaypalooza that the on air team masterminded.

I gots to say that when I was making my speech I got flustered looking to my left, where Ricki stood and further back towered the evening's trophy girl, Miss California in a "gown" resplendent with cutouts. I thought cutouts were shunned in PageantLand but maybe that is just "Painted Babies" talkin'.

That cutout tangent wasn't my cause for pause, though. It was more seeing Ricki standing there listening and smiling... and just thinking how that lady has been good to the gays for as long as she's been famous. Backstage Ricki ran into a guy who'd come out on her show 10 years ago. Go Ricki! She kills me. And she and Christian were a hilar duo.

When I got back to the Sunset Tower I met Nikki Haskell coming out of the restaurant, where I had allegedly just missed the ChenBot, which is a drag. Anyway, do you know who Nikki Haskell is? She's the Star Caps Lady! Do you still not know who I am talking about? Ok well it is too early in the week for me to have to be connecting the dots re: Nikki Haskell. I promise she's a classic.

In other news: ** I found out yesterday that Liza and her twin sister Jamie both had abnormally short tongues as children and had to get have the little connectory under tongue tissue (that's what it's called, see) cut to extend their lil' tongues. So it turns out that they still have particularly small tongues. I know a lot of you have been wondering about their tongues so that's all the new info I have.

** I thought Mariah was good and weird on SNL and I love "Touch My Body". She didn't really move but she looked good. I love a wind machine. You know who else does very well with a wind machine if you put one in front of her? India's first Supermodel, Miss Padma Lakshmi. **

Shlepping back and forth from LA to NY has made me obsessed with '30 Rock' due to the ability to watch endless episodes in the air. It is so funny I know I am late to the party but I just got into "The Office" a year ago too. It's those personal entertainment devices that are hooking me up. But I am lamely late to the table, I know.

** "Dancing with the Stars" starts tonight and there are only two people to root for - Priscilla Presley and Marlee Matlin. Priscilla to see the plastic surgery in motion and Marlee because she's a fierce Oscar winner. I miss Marie. ** It's St Patrick's Day! I hate St. Patrick's Day!

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