Baby Mama

Baby Mama

Andy Cohen muses on cleavage and teen pregnancy.

OK so what did you think of "Real Housewives" last night? Did it deliver for you or what? I thought the ladies' trip to San Diego was interesting to watch because Jeana really let her guard down about her marriage. How can you not root for her?

The arrival of Quinn has got me thinking about something that was on my mind season one a lot: the preponderance of cleavage in the OC. Ladies in NYC don't show as much. Then again, they don't have as much to show.

I took my pennies to the Penny Harvest yesterday and threw them all in with the others. For some reason, it was more fun throwing Bonnie's on Monday. I think they should keep that Harvest there all year and people would actually have a place to bring their pennies, right in the middle of the city. I bet they could generate a ton of money for charity and some company would underwrite it.

I went to the Waverly Inn last night; I haven't been there in several months and it has not lost any of it's heat. Literally it's actually kinda hot in there physically but it's also like the Vanity Fair Oscar Party inside every night. So insider were Rupert Murdoch and his wife, Cindy Crawford and her hubby, Uma Thurman and date, Oliver Stone and a gaggle of gals, and Ralph Fiennes. I thought that was pretty wild for a random Tuesday night.

I woke up this morning and talked to my friend John about the movie "Juno" which he saw last night. I decided that if I knew Juno I would slap her in the face. No 16 year old should be such a smartass. She just needs a slap across the face at some point; that might've made me take my review from 'like' to 'love'.

So then I grab the newspaper and read about Juno Spears. Darling kids star Jamie Lynn is pregnant at 16. Wasn't Jamie Lynn Spears supposed to be the 'good girl' of the family? I guess with Brit as a big sis role model it's no surprise. I actually have pity on that mother of hers. I guess "Juno" is really all the rage and there'll be another trash talking pregnant 16 year old running around. Lovely.

I am having lunch with Jeff Lewis today. He emailed me and said he would have lunch, but he didn't want to do a video blog in my office. I told him he had to. I am going to see if I can talk him into it, but you can't really talk that man into anything he doesn't want to do.

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