Baby Fever

Baby Fever

Andy Cohen on the gaybe boom.

Greetings from George Bush Airport in Houston, I'm sitting here on my way to LA. I think I must be in the Barbara Bush terminal because it is so damn chilly in here! LOL.

How do I describe yesterday? Amazing and otherworldly. At 1 pm, Bruce had a baby girl named Ava... and WOW. It's hard to not sound trite, but to be able to spend the first hours of someone's life with them is something I won't ever forget. The baby is perfect, of course. She actually is; I am not just saying it.

Father and daughter are doing great and Ava saw "Dancing with the Stars" last night and was FURIOUS that Marie did not win. Turns out that Ava had never even HEARD of the racecar driver, see, but I told her that I hadn't either because I didn't want to make her feel bad about not having heard of him in passing in her 9 hours alive. Babies are sensitive that way.

Ava was asking about if there's a new episode of "Runway" on tonight and I said there was. She was worried because she, of course, missed the last two since she was 'inside' still. I told her to start watching at 8 and she could see all three. She wanted to know if it was true that Jeana announced her separation from Matt on last night's episode of "Real Housewives" and I said it was. She said a nurse had told her. Isn't that wild? People talk...

There is indeed a gayby boom underway, in case you were wondering or had felt it yourselves. I have 10 friends who are pregnant or in the process of adoption or surrogacy. It's hitting my generation all at the same time. We seem to be about 10 years off, with baby fever hitting us as we turn 40.

The timing makes perfect sense if you consider that most people my age came out, and came into themselves, in their 20s, and then spent a solid 10-15 years extending adolescence and then questioning wtf is next.

I have to interrupt this (boring?) soliloquy about the Gayby boom to say I have never in my days seen so many people being shlepped around an airport in carts! We did a documentary on TRIO called "Texas: America Supersized" about what a problem obesity is in Texas and I am seeing it firsthand this morning. Maybe if people walked to their freaking gates they could combat the problem.

Grass roots, people! Ok, luckily for you, it's time for me to board this plane. See you in LA LA.

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