Are Curlers our Future

Are Curlers our Future

Andy Cohen ponders the hairstyle sweeping, er, the subway.

I have a lot of questions today...

I enjoy watching The Real Housewives of NYC all get offended by each other, one after the other. Last night's scene in Hope Lodge was for some reason v. entertaining to me just to see the Countess offend Bethenny (re: retouching) and then GET offended by Ramona re: "Your husband is an old man.") All in one scene. Who's side are YOU on in these scuffles??

Everyone seems to be talking about the ladies, including Kelly Ripa who watched the show with her (amazing) mother-in-law last night and told Reege all about it this morning. I just got an e-mail from Liza wanting to ask a few questions about the Countess and I asked her what she was up to today. She said she's on the set of a whooping cough PSA starring J-Lo. Isn't that funny?! J-Lo must really care about whooping cough! Does whooping cough care about J-Lo? Does anybody? 

I'm actually surprised she showed up for a commitment at all, but let's not go there.

Today the The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be in the Bravo offices and it will be fun to see them in their last days before going from actual housewives to "Housewives." And if you're watching models become "Models," tonight's Make Me a Supermodel is super fun they all get makeovers from Tabatha and then get drenched in CANDY for the photo shoot. Models + Candy = Yum. If you live in NYC and haven't checked out Papabubble on Broome Street, what are you waiting for?

I had a long talk with my friend Dave last night about the massive depression that we're in and is forthcoming. It's all anybody thinks about. Yet I am amazed that the Palm is packed, Ralph Lauren on Bleecker Street is SRO, and movies are making tons of dough. What gives, do you think? Who's spending this money and where are they getting it?

I need to figure out who's good for the gays and who's bad for the gays so help me out with that one. The Jews were easy for some reason ...SUBWAY REPORT: Every day I marvel at how fast the subway is to work and the people I see and this morning I saw something that's not too common anymore: a lady in curlers. I VERY discreetly snapped a pic from behind, while clearly respecting her identity lest she be Nancy Walker's ghost or something.

It seemed so '60s that this lady ran out in her curlers and hopped on the train. Where was she going and where had she been? What would her hair look like when she took them curlers out? Would she CLEAN those grubby, subway tainted plastics when she arrived at her destination? 

And, I mean, are curlers coming back? At the OC reunion we got a lot of questions asking Gretchen how she styled her hair (seriously, hundreds) and she said that hot rollers were the reason. Are those considered curlers? I've seen Gail Simmons with curlers in her hair before Judges' Table. Is this just the norm and since I don't have a, um, girlfriend, I don't know anything about it???

Can someone tell me what's going on here?


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