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How does Andy spend his time online? Find out!

One of the best ways to easily get to know someone is to find out what websites they frequent. I am speaking, of course, in non-pornographic terms because I seek the approval of Terry Rakolta and any other Mom and Family organization that hands out seals of approval to bloggers.

For Andy, the online day begins with a glance at Drudge, MSNBC and then a quick trip to to see wassup in the world of media news and gossip. You actually have to check out Gawker a few times a day because they're obsessively adding or linking to other sites hourly.

Then I head to the Wow Report ( where the World of Wonder team of quality TV producers (for Bravo - "Showbiz Moms and Dads" and currently "Party/Party") have a unique voice in the world of pop culture with tons of original content.

I am addicted to Rosie O'Donnell's blog ( where she has invented an entirely new form of poetry all her own. She writes entirely in lowercase with not a hint of haiku or a blink of iambic pentameter. It doesn't matter what form her musings take because she is so brutally honest and lets loose with opinions about everything from Tom Cruise to Aaron Brown to Katrina. It's everything you really wanted to hear on her talk show, but never did.

I have a lot of web guilty pleasures like for gossip with an attitude, or to catch up on various clips of pundits gone mad from random cable news shows.

I often find myself googling names of random celebrities to see if they blog, which recently led me first to (he doesn't blog yet but things can only get better!) and then to another treasure trove from none other than "Blaire" from TV's "Facts of Life", Ms. Lisa Welchel ( Click on the "coffee talk" section of her site and immediately become enraptured with Lisa's current suburban dramas, insights, and details of her kids Clancy, Haven, and Tucker. Yes I am being a little ironic here but I read her tales with the same wonderment I watched Tootie and company in the 80s. Go Coffee Talk!

If you're a "One Life to Live" fan - or love dogs - (or both!!) you'll certainly be interested in the "pet page" of "I think pets are the best," she says. "Whether you have a dog or cat; parrot or goldfish, or...whatever." Amen to that, Robin. Strasser has been playing "Dorian" on the show for some time, you'll note, and LOVES her pooch, Scooter! I love Scooter, too. Is there a possibility of a webcam so that I may monitor Scooter's activities during my workday, Ms. Strasser??

If you're as obsessed as I am about how those Hollywood ladies stay so "beautiful", then is the site for you. It is scarier than the "Knots Landing: Back to the cul de sac" reunion show that aired a couple months ago. And THAT'S saying something.

But the site to leave your computer on all day has to be The moment you log on there is a loop of about 10 Madonna songs that play and re-play and re-play and re-play. I dare you to find a better productivity-booster at work than non-stop loops of "Hung Up." In fact, I double dare you.

So if my theory holds true about our being defined by the websites we look at... and I go back and read my list... then it seems that I am perhaps a gay idiot? That doesn't make my love of Scooter mean any less, though, does it?

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