Andy's Mailbag

Andy's Mailbag

Andy Cohen answers viewer questions!

I love getting your emails because they are all over the map with comments and questions. Some I try to answer personally, and often I get the same question from several people.

PETER wrote me this very morning with some comments about the Top Chef that ended with: "Getting them liquored up for the reunion show was a cheap trick." Well, Peter, we did offer them some spirits before the show and the truth is that some of our chefs were held up in traffic so the ones left in the bar had ample time to continue drinking if they cared to. But it was their choice whether to drink or not. I think it's pretty clear from watching the show who made the choice to partake and who didn't. It certainly was a lively, insane show.

I got an email from HARRY yesterday that really amused me. Harry writes: "So is the big, bald hottie gay or not? Everytime we watch Top Chef, I'm elbowing my boyfriend in the ribs and saying, 'There he is! There's your man.' Because my boyfriend is into the big bald bear guys (like me). This last time as I was going on and on in my obnoxious way, we both turned to each other and blank-face asked, 'Is he gay?' We spent the next Quickfire Challenge trying to figure out the answer. Help us Andy!" Since I knew that Harry REALLY needed an answer, I emailed him immediately to let him know that, while I was sure that Chef Tom was catnip for the bear set, he is actually straight as a ruler with wife and kid. Harry immediately responded: "Catnip for the bear set? Andy, I think you're mixing your metaphors. He's a HONEYPOT!" Touche, Harry! I love a bear!

Remember the ukulele-playing, show-pitching hottie that I met on the subway last Friday?? I wrote that Jeanne and I were trying to figure out what his "deal" was. His name is Roddy von Seldeneck and he emailed me after he saw that blog entry: "Andy, I did a little bit more than try to pitch a TV show to you! I am glad you don't know whether I am gay or straight, too... go watch these and tell me what you think." He linked me to his roddyfilm page at myspace where he has a cavalcade of original films, with another page devoted to his music, etc. Go see for yourself and try to figure out his "deal." I think he's bi-curious but he told me he's not. I still think he is, so let's just agree to disagree, Roddy.

Speaking of show pitches, EVERYONE and their feline has one and I wind up hearing them all.

This one comes from LILIANA: "I think that a reality show based on the trials of having to deal with customers in the bank might make an interesting reality show. We have a really fun group of people that work in my office and they are mostly young and attractive. People always identify bankers as boring or dull and dry. This is a far cry from what goes on here! Management looks in on us with remote-controlled cameras... (obviously can't get into too much detail here). We are constantly laughing and joking around. It would be kind of like the office show on NBC but a reality "OFFICE." Just a thought. I would like to hear back from you with your thoughts!" I dunno, Liliana. I'd have to meet your friends and all that and I am sure they are all fun, but what if everybody thinks the people in THEIR offices are kinda funny and should be on a reality show, which everybody does. I dunno.

SUE from Florida writes: "I like Top Chef. I like to cook and people tell me they like my food even though I have not been to culinary school. I have read a lot and experimented and have my own style of flavor. I was so disappointed in Ted Allen. (I am a fan of Queer Eye and have watched it with my gay friends and had fun.) It was soooo obvious that Stephen was picked because of his Gaeity. He knows wine and maybe art but not food! Harold's food was delicious, creative and the presentation was good."

Sue, I don't think that Stephen was picked because of his "gaeity" but:

1. I like your use of that word.

2. Stephen does not self-identify as gay or being involved in "gaeity"!

3. I don't think that Ted Allen is such a weak gay that he would succumb to Stephen's "gaeity" in a way that would make him the inherent winner of that Quickfire Challenge.

4. I think it's a teeny bit homophobic to even think that.

And on another note can I take this opportunity to say that I really am praying for that Cheney daughter. WOW. She is going to FREAK OUT in about 10 years when she wakes up and reads her book.

SHASHAI WRITES: "It is absolutely painful watching the Housewives make complete fools of themselves. It is a complete embarrassment to Orange County. I can't believe they took the spot of Queer Eye. Please ring Carson back! It makes you want to stop watching Bravo all together." Oh, Shashai, please come back to us! Lauri and the gang are gone now and Queer Eye is coming back in a few weeks with phenom episodes!!

About a week after TOP CHEF premiered, ZORBA THE GREEK wrote: Top Chef is the new Queer Eye for the Straight Girl. We all know how THAT show turned out."

OK, Zorba, you need to SETTLE IT DOWN. I think we all are onboard with Top Chef and maybe we will give a show a couple weeks to simmer before packing our knives and splitting, right? Are you with me, Zorba?


Thanks for the emails, everybody.

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