Andy on Andy

Andy on Andy

Andy has a little chat...with himself.


What better way to celebrate MLK day than by sitting down with my fave cashmere throw and a cup of joe to interview my longtermlover, ME!? 

AC: Hey Andy.

AC: What up, Andy.

AC: Can I call you AC420?

AC: Oh, I get it... You're making a play on AC360 and throwing a dig in there calling me a pothead. Cute. 

AC: Yes, well that would be the only thing that could explain what a fool you are.

AC: Is there a QUESTION you wanted to ask me, or are we just dicking around with my (semi-valuable) time?

AC: OK well judging by the overload of comments on your blog, the top story people are wondering about is what you call the "Disturbia in Suburbia". Have you spoken to any of the Housewives since that fateful episode?

AC: I spoke to Tamra's husband, Simon, the other day and I understand that she's pissed and feels that she was edited badly and not portrayed well.  

AC: And do you think that's a fair argument? Was she a victim of the editors?

AC: I don't love the "blame the editor" defense and don't see how it could be twisted that she said 3x that she wanted to get Gretchen drunk. But the big point is that Gretchen is an adult and the idea that someone (Tamra) has the power to completely control her has no legitimacy. Tamra didn't force her to do a thing. I do think Tamra has a lot to get off her chest and she deserves to be heard, and the same goes for Gretchen. I am quite interested to hear what they both have to say at the reunion show.

AC: Um, is there a way that you'd consider NOT shamelessly plugging your next stupid freaking reunion show?

AC: Next question, please. 

AC: Well, since you brought up the reunion shows, when are you going to get your crossed eyes fixed?

AC: Funny that you bring that up, Andy, because I just heard that there's a procedure to fix wandering eyes that is fairly simple.

AC: So, you're all set, huh??

AC: The issue is that this "simple" procedure involves their taking your eyeball out and zapping your eye muscles. And I am really freaked about someone taking out my eyeball and then putting it back.

AC: You're a cross-eyed wimp.

AC: I hate you.  

AC: If you hate me, then you're not only cross-eyed, you're completely self-loathing.

AC: I don't get that. At all. But, ok. NEXT...

AC: I would like for you to defend the Jo and Slade dating show. People keep commenting about it but you never respond to any of the posts.

AC: I don't think I need to "defend" it, Andy...  

AC: Don't call me Andy.

AC: Anyway, I think that it was a cute, fun summer show and ultimately maybe it was too fluffy for Bravo or at least for Andy's Blog readers, who I know are discriminating customers.

AC: Are you making fun of the three people that read your blog?

AC: Obviously not.  You're a trashbox, by the way.

AC: Quoting Nene is kind of five minutes ago, wouldn't you say?

AC: Quoting Nene is timeless, trashy hookah.

AC: OK this conversation has completely derailed.  Now I know why you are single, by the way.

AC: I have to go.

AC: Wait! What are you doing for MLK day?

AC: Oh that's a burning question that no one wants to know.  I'm coming back to NYC on Saturday or Sunday and I am just going to relax on MLK day.  Maybe I will eat a sandwich.

AC: I don't know what that means about the sandwich. And this interview is the perfect, boring capper to a week of incredibly poor blogs on your behalf. Thanks, Andy.

AC: Thanks, Andy. Have a great weekend!

AC: Thanks Yourself...

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