Andy Needs A Life

Andy Needs A Life

Big Brother has Andy Cohen hooked!

I can't believe the velocity with which I am back into the clutches of "Big Brother".

Last night's live eviction was a crusher - and the ChenBot intrigued me with her show close directing me (she was talking right to me, see) to Showtime Too for "Big Brother After Dark" every night from midnight to 3 AM. Here's a phrase you don't hear every day: I sat RIVETED to Showtime Too last night for hours! Showtime Too is my new obsession. They just run unedited conversations from various parts of the Big Brother 8 house. You feel like every whispered conversation is of urgent importance. Or at least I did last night.

I need to get a life. Or at least I need to figure out a way to learn something from "Big Brother". This seems relatively impossible. As soon as I start making judgments about poor set-design, I remember that it's actually genius that the producers have sprayed the entire set with cams and mics, so I can't make a horrible judgement.

As soon as I start writing the houseguests off as "white trash", I get a post on the blog from someone telling me that's offensive. I spent a good part of watching "Big Brother After Dark" debating the offense of "white trash" and I am going to respect the guy who posted yesterday and try not to use the term again. Try.

And on the topic of my lameness, riddle me this: is it too soon for me to see "hairspray" again? I know I saw it last Monday night...but that was five whole days ago! I might go and not tell nobody. Have a good weekend everybody!

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