Andy is Goldfish

Andy is Goldfish

Andy meets ... Andy.

Good morning from Los Angeles. I'm here for a few meetings and some Oscar shenanigans, and what a great time to be in L.A.

I am a tool (and a douchebag) for forgetting to post my (weird) interview with Fabio from the set of the Top Chef finale in New Orleans. It's weird because he refers to his mother as "smokin' hot" and also because, in haste, I chose to do quiz him on the porch of Commander's Palace where we were 100 percent in the way and our camera crews were jostling past to get inside. So it looks really close-up and like crap, and you can see people trying to get by and you can see that I occasionally am annoyed, but completely in the wrong. Other than that it's fun, it's Fabio, and it's HERE!

And I also forgot to mention that we launched a poll during Wednesday night's show that allows you (that means YOU) to determine the ingredients for a Quickfire Challenge in Top Chef 6. Some of the ingredients are whack and how fun will it be for you to control a Quickfire? Vote HERE and then you'll see the results next season and you'll remember voting and you will tingle from within. 

Hey, you remember alum Zac Hug, right? Among other things he was the Cecil B. of my videoblogs before Anthony took over. Anyhoo (hootie!),  he's working for with's former editorial director Beth Johnson, and former Bravo sales dude Matt DeMartis and they sent me the greatest e-mail the other day that I have to share wich yous people:

"So Beth has a goldfish. And it has been sitting on her desk for a long time without a name. And then the other day, Beth and Matt and I were in a meeting in there — and it struck us that the fish had such a cool office, all colorful and exciting. In fact, it kind of reminded us of your office. And we talked about how much we missed you. And Beth totally named the fish Andy Cohen. And then we took pictures."

And guess what: The fish kinda looks like me swimming around my dorm room! And here it is:

And here are Beth, Zac, and Matt and Susan Lucci and Genie Frances posing with the fish!


I can't believe I have a fish named after me! I wonder who's smarter, me or Andy? I wonder which Housewife is Andy's fave! I wonder if Andy is a HomoFish! Andy must looove soaps, but I wonder if he's a Days or an AMC?! I'm an AMC and so I don't care if they (finally?) discover that Marlena's a man and then she gets blown up. Would Andy be upset if that happs?

Anyway, I am dying to get to know my aquatwin, and the next time I'm in L.A. (not THIS time silly, the NEXT time) I plan on making a dinner date. (I am ASSUMING that Andy doesn't eat fish.)

I feel like your comments are starting to appear and maybe the glitches are being resolved. The Web people are working around the clock on the new site and they keep telling me to be patient so that's what I'm telling you.

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