An Idol In Bobby Pins

An Idol In Bobby Pins

Andy Cohen dishes on American Idol fashion.

Oh hey, after you find out who gets canned from Idol and then Top Design, join said eliminated designer and I live on "Watch What Happens" where we will be joined by very special guest Sir Tim Gunn! It's a big show tonight so I don't think you want to miss it whatsoever. (Email Sir Tim questions HERE.)

Last night's "American Idol" was a big show to me given Diana Ross's guiding the "singers" through her songbook and acting as a mentor to them. They almost all butchered her songs but it was fun hearing them all.

Every time an Idol came in to work with her, they wanted to throw their little Idol hands around the real Idol and Miss Ross's face often betrayed that in her eyes these little idols were coming at her to attack her with their filthy hands. She handled them all great, though, and seemed to really get into it. As it went on, she was just letting everybody give her a big hug, cop a feel, whatever they wanted she was resigned.

She was smart, giving and gave great direction, but I was obsessed with the clips in Miss Ross' hair. Were they sparkly? Were they BOBBY PINS of some sort?? I actually do think they were bobby pins. I don't know why you're gonna wear bobby pins on American Idol, especially when you are Diana Ross.

It kind of reminded me when I had Dionne Warwick on "CBS This Morning" to sing and she showed up wearing pants (they were, I am loathe to say, "slacks" and I think they were blue) and a non-descript "top" that was really like a short-sleeve button down. Maybe that top was silk, but it was sad. The bottom line is that this outfit that Miss Warwick was wearing looked like something you would wear to walk outside your house to get the paper. Or maybe you'd wear this pant/top combo to the Doctor's office. But you wouldn't wear it to sing.

About 1/2 hour before her segment, I asked her if she was "ready to change." She alerted me to the fact that she was changed and ready. I am sure my face sadly betrayed my feelings about her pant/top performing gear.

The performance, by the way was as gripping as the stagewear. (And I really do love me some Dionne...) And so I was obsessed with Ross' bobby pins last night. But then again, Ryan Seacrest's clothes are no good either. And for that matter neither is anything the contestants are wearing.

At what point do the contestants get help with their clothes?? There's not much in my closet that I'd wear to sing on Idol, so how are these 22-year-olds from Akron meant to dress themselves? Oh and Simon's tighty tops with plunging v-necks have never done him any favors.

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