America Hates Gay People!

America Hates Gay People!

Andy Cohen contemplates the 'American Idol' finale.

Why else would that jack-hole have won American Idol?!?

Actually, I only saw one episode of it so what do I know? He might've been amazing, and if Bill O'Reilly hadn't done segment after segment turning this into a political, gay vs. Christian Idol finale, I wouldn't even care. I am sure that loofah lovin' pervert is having a big belly
laugh this morning that the gay got crushed.  Jennifer Hudson lost, too, Bill. 

Last night I had drinks on the roof of the Hotel Empire with ABC News Superproducer Lynn Redmond. Man, is it lovely up there! Look at the view of their fierce sign....

I am so amused by this week's issue of US magazine. In the "who wore it best" page, there's a huge pic of the Countess wearing the same frock as Fergie. US readers voted Fergie the winner, but it was damn close, with 52 percent vs 48 percent! Go, LuAnn! 

The cover story is a complete hatchet job on Kate from Jon & Kate Plus 8. Basically, US magazine has decided that she is Satan and devotes what looks to me like a record amount of pages to prove this fact. Look at their chapter headings:

* She thinks she's a celebrity (UM, she IS a celebrity, I hate to tell you, US magazine. You put her on your COVER.)
* She's mean to the help (unforgivable.)
* She's a rude neighbor (No comment.)
* She's too vain (She's on TV!)
* She's alienated her family (no good.)
* She puts career before marriage (not amazing.)

AND she goes every other week to Planet Nails and Tan for $30 manicures! AND she has a fake tan and buys packages of 20 tans for 95 bucks! OK, US, you proved your point — she's Satan!

Yesterday I wrote about the fugliness of "Lauren Fenmore" on The Young and the Restless and got several e-mails calling me a hypocrite for complaining on Tuesday about Andy's Blog reader Christine e-mailing me insulting MY looks, then me posting on Wednesday calling a daytime superstar a fug. Guess what, e-mailers, you're RIGHT! That was hypocritical and rude. And I am so glad I deleted the paragraph about Tori Spelling because I would've been kicked to the curb. And this morning Christine e-mailed me back and I am going to let her have the
last word again, because she's right!!!

"After reading yesterday's blog, I'm glad Jack wasn't attracted to you! What a mean blog - talking about how fugly you find those actresses and then you whine when people say they don't find you handsome?? Forget what I said about your sweet personality - I was wrong!! Former reader, Christine"

OK so I learned my lesson.

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