Airports Have Ugly Carpeting

Airports Have Ugly Carpeting

Andy Cohen considers asthetics from LAX.

Is that just a given? Airports and casinos consistently place miles and miles of puke below us. Is that why people look worse in casinos and airports? Might they just consider a dark Sisal rug or just plain dark green? Is there a non-offensive, non-puke middle ground that we can consider? Is this a "Top Design" challenge in the making?

So this is on my mind as I sit in LAX this morning analyzing that which is aesthetically not pleasing.

Speaking of ugly, there's a big pic of Joey Butt-afuoco planting a kiss on a smiling Amy Fisher in today's NY Post. Eeeew. Did I actually fall for Amy's song and dance when she was crying on Oprah last year about how Joey ruined her, took advantage of her youth ... and now she takes a big check from "The Insider" to "reunite" with him?

I need to say here and now, for the record: Amy Fisher, I am done with you forever and officially. You are as dead to me as the carpeting at Newark. (That's very dead.)

Mary Jo Butt-afuoco has taken back her maiden name, by the way. She's Mary Jo Connery now. In support of MJ, I am changing my last name to Connery as well. Andy Connery. I have empathy for the lady with a steel plate in her head. Not so much for the others.

Speaking of polar opposites, imagine being in a room with a white-pantsuit clad Jaclyn Smith ... and Tabatha Coffey, sheathed in black. That was the scene yesterday at the taping of the "Shear Genius Reunion Show." It was like Gandolf and the Empress of Morder.

We taped for about 17 hours and it was a lot of fun. It was a full house -- Rene, Paul-Jean, Sally, Dr. Boogie, you name it, they were there. The reunion airs on Wednesday after a new episode of "Shear Genius."

I have boarded and my plane is about to take off. The carpet is dark blue and not half bad. Have a great weekend!

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