Andy Cohen decompresses after a drama-filled reunion taping.

If you want to know how yesterday's RHNYC Reunion went, consider this: my dream last night was Bravo Exec Christian Barcellos and I in a plane ordering cocktails. I looked out the window as Christian tried to decide his drink order and saw that we were heading straight for earth, nose first. It took me a couple beats to comprehend that we were indeed crashing. I did realize it, and woke up JUST as we were to have impact.

I think that dream was the aftershock of one of the most intense days I've had, and what is absolutely and definitively the most drama-filled Housewives reunion to date. I got so, so many tweets and e-mails and posts from people wanting me to hammer the women, to not let them get away with a thing. The truth is that I felt like I was on autopilot for much of the day because they pretty much hammered each other. Yes I did get a ton of your pointed questions answered, but they filled in a lot of blanks themselves. I cannot imagine that this will not be two hours, people.

Tonight's episode of RHNYC is cant-miss. What happened when Jill surprises the ladies plays out in real time, and is  shocking and raw and real. I will be live with Jerry Seinfeld at 11 (!!!) and Jerry will be playing "Housewives Ref," weighing in on many of the most controversial moments of the season. I am excited and very nervous about having one of my idols in the clubhouse. How is this possible? Wow.

In other news, the New York Post is really digging into their vendetta with SJP. It's fascinating to see how many ways they can diss her in the paper, and make up trash about her. I wonder what their problem is.

And in even more news, our lobby signage at Bravo is redone and  incorporates our "by Bravo" tagline! (Gone is "Watch What Happens").  Are you excited??? You SHOULD BE because it will affect your lives in ways you can't imagine! 

Here's our old look:


And here's how we are today!




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