Andy Cohen shares some pics from his 'Advocate' cover party.

Last night the great people at the Advocate threw a fantastic party celebrating their current issue. I'm on the cover and so it kinda felt like my gay Bar Mitzvah.

A lot of fun people showed up like designer John Bartlett and Mark Consuelos and Bravolebrities like Tabatha, Bethenny, Dina, and Lisa and Ed Hartwell, plus a bunch of my old friends, Watch What Happens Live kids and new friends that I met last night. 

They had blown-up pics of the cover, which was surreal, but the highlight was one of those photo booths that takes overexposed pics that make everyone look 18, and me look more cross-eyed than normal. I guess last night's photo booth was sponsored by Holland (the country) because they each are captioned "Everyone's gay in Amsterdam". Mmm-hmmm. Or at least bi-curious. 

Wanna see my party pix? O-tay!  Here's me and Lisa and Ed: andy-advocate-05.jpg

Here's me and Mark:


Me and Jeanne Messing:


Me and Bravo's Kristen Andersen: andy-advocate-03.jpg

Me and the straight version of me, Dave Ansel (my college roommate and, essentially, brother): andy-advocate-04.jpg

Me and Tabs!


Her show comes back soon and it's BLOW-AWAY!

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