A Very LA Weekend

A Very LA Weekend

Andy Cohen lands a guest spot with Brett Michaels and Omarosa!

Friday morning I headed over to Fox Reality Channel to be a guest on "Reality Remix," Kennedy's daily talkshow about all things reality. The producer said to wear what I would "wear clubbing." That is funny, but not as amusing as who was in the greenroom: me, Omarosa, and "Rock of Love" star Brett Michaels. I love reality tv!

I was taken aback that Omarosa remembered me from working together on the Bravo flop "Battle of the Network Reality Stars." (I loved that show, but it really tanked). Maybe it wasn't a surprise that she remembered me as much as shock that I know Omarosa.

I asked her where Momarosa (her mom who travels everywhere she does) was and was happy and surprised to hear that Momarosa was in the next room! Unfortunately for me, Momarosa did not remember me whatsoever.

I have been a big Kennedy fan since her MTV days, so it was fun going deep about Bravo reality shows with her. We taped two segments. I think one airs this week and the other in two weeks.

Do any of you watch the Fox Reality channel? It has recently become a viable late-night programming option for me. Leave it to "World of Wonder" honchos Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey to bring out a crowd more befitting the East Village than LA for their "Night of a Thousand Warhols" opening Friday night of "Warhol Dead at 21," their group exhibition of art inspired by Andy Warhol. They handed out Warhol wigs to all who entered; I need no further proof that wigs make a party great.

James St. James invented a new drink at the party, an Airborne and Vodka fizzy. You take voddy (and I think a little soda) and drop an Airborne into it. It is DeLish! And NuTrish! And very orange! And Fizzy! It's too good to be legal.

Chris Crocker AKA THE "Leave Britney Alone" Guy was there too. It was a scene! For those of you who don't know, Randy and Fenton have created an art gallery in the storefront below World of Wonder Headquarters on Hollywood Blvd. They have monthly installations of art inspired by everyon from Britney to the Golden Girls. They've created a real LA 'Happening' four stories below where they crank out quality TV shows and the WOWReportonline. This is a true multimedia company, people!

And did I mention that the whole space was wrapped in silver mylar?

I split the mylar madness for a dinner at the Sunset Tower, where we saw Drew Barrymore with Jimmy Fallon and new bride Nancy Juvonen. Drew Barrymore is a huge Runway fan and says she has them all on a VHS tape at her house. Does Drew heart VHS tapes, too?

I spent nine solid hours shooting with "The Real Housewives Of Orange County" on Saturday. I have a lot to say about that day, and I will say so soon. (Yes, that is both a threat and a promise.) Let me just say that Vicki, Jeana, Lauri, Quinn, Tammy AND Tamra were in rare form.

I went straight from that shoot to a Birthday dinner in progress where I got whipped into an LA frenzy hearing about the "Speed Racer" movie from somebody who knows what they're talking about. It's due out in a few months and I can't handle it. My new favorite actor - Emile Hirsh from "Into the Wild" - stars as Speed Racer. Do you realize that Christina Ricci plays "Trixie"? And do you realize how PERFECT that is? I hear it's live action paced and to feel like anime with ridonculous effects. You know what I am going to do until "Speed Racer" comes out? See "Into the Wild" over and over. Oh and I am going on a hunger strike until Hal Holbrook gets an Oscar.

Back at the Sunset Tower after dinner, we spotted "Dreamgirls" director Bill Condon, which reminded me that one of the 22 best things about '08 so far is that "Dreamgirls" seems to be on HBO all the time. Could that movie be any better? Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem were candoodling. Here's some headline news: they are beautiful.

The lady next to me on the flight home yesterday was listening to a discman. She might has well have had a phonograph on her lap. The flight attendant looked like QUINN, our newest 'Real Housewife'. And Christopher Ciccone was on the plane with a bad cold.

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