A Single Man

A Single Man

Andy was Madonna's date to 'A Single Man's' premiere last night. Um, what?!

Last night was the premiere of Tom Ford's beautiful new film A Single Man. Oh and I was Madonna's date. And so you know that I must've been very flummoxed and fertootzed about this, right?

This is not something that I should be blogging about so let me just do a quick interview with myself about the evening:

Q: Did you get laid?

A: No I did not.

Q: Is Madonna nice?

A: Very. The perfect date. And FUN.

Q: Does she smell good?

A: Very!

Q: Was she wearing fishnets and did they look hot?

A: Yes and yes.

Q: What else can you tell us. 

A: Nothing. Except that being with her is like being with the President (of the gays.)

Q: That's IT?

A: That's it. How do you expect me to get a second date???

Well THAT was a revealing interview....

Tonight is the finale of Million Dollar Listing and I would like to formally report that I have given this BRILLIANT show too little attention on this blog and on Watch What Happens Live. I have loved this season so much and tonight's finale is a great sendoff (with some fun Madison stuff.)  And are Josh and Edith the new Harold and Maude?

I had the BEST time on Watch What Happens Live with Kristen and Mark the other night. Just hysterical. Here's a clip of my favorite game from the last 20 weeks:

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