A Random Rant

A Random Rant

Andy kvetches about Star magazine, Air Force One, and Bravo celebs fighting on his Facebook wall.

It was a busy week but I've been blog-dodging by putting up lots of videos. That allows me to do other things whilst in my cab to work, see....

Monday night was the Tribeca Film Festival debut of Wonderful World starring Matthew Broderick, who happens to be in a lot these days and always. The film is fantastic and so is he. The afterparty was at this new loungy joint in the Meatpacking District that was the former home of a very nasty gay filthporium called J's Hangout that I am sure will be familiar to one or two Andy's Blog readers. Literally (I am TOLD) there used to be jockstraps stapled to the ceiling of this joint and now it's 18 bucks for a mojito. Joy to the world.

Everybody is all excited about the news about Broderick's twins. And so it's nice for some good news for a change. And maybe this would be a great moment to pause and realize that not everything you see in Star magazine is true. Or maybe it's a moment to realize that nothing you read in Star magazine is true. Or maybe it's a moment to realize that nobody reads Star magazine.


* I know it is days ago but can I just say one more thing about Air Force One scaring the shit out of Lower Manhattan? Why didn't they just PHOTOSHOP the freaking plane on the backdrop of the Statue of Liberty???? Has anyone already pointed out that you can put my head on Zah Ephron's body and make it look real, or airbrush my face to hell and back (see blog pic above), so maybe they could make some really cool promotional pics of AF One without wasting gas and stuff. That's all.

Oh no, it's not all actually. Why the hell does Air Force One need "promotional pictures" in the first place? So that when it's leaving the stage door it can sign some 8 by 10s?!  For its laundrymat and Chinese restaurant to hang up?

* OK here's another piece of old news: Melissa Rivers elimination from Celeb Apprentice was really an amazing three minutes of TV and she really did not come off too well whatsoever. Does she think that she did come off well? I love her mum, btw.

* Did anybody see Good Morning America yesterday? They did their show from some town in Wisconsin as, I think, part of a "we do our show in your hometown" stunt. It was literally the saddest thing I've ever seen. So sad that you might need to pull the tape. There were about 75 people who showed up on this block and, I mean, wouldn't you assume this was a big freaking deal to have Diane Sawyer come with a bunch of gay people to their town?! And then NOBODY SHOWED! Maybe the townspeople didn't show on account of gays? I don't know, but it was off.

* I woke up yesterday and looked on my Facebook to find two Bravolebrities duking it out on my "wall." I enjoy that my wall is now a public space for Bravolebs to have their own little reunion show wall-wars, but I do need to find out wall-tiquette from The Countess. 

* Lastly, there's a great charity called Live Out Loud that raises money for the gay yoot;  they're having an auction at  liveoutloud.cmarket.com and one of the items is lunch with me. How cool would it be if one of you bid a bunch of dinero for the lunch? And then you could spend an entire lunch railing on me for stuff you hate about this blog, or telling me how much you hate xxx Housewife, or me! It could be fun?! A lunch with Tim Gunn is also up for bids, and the whole auction is finished tomorrow afternoon.

Give some money people. I'll take you to the Palm.

Have a great day.

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