A Perfect Tuesday

A Perfect Tuesday

Andy Cohen hits the Hamptons.

Tonight's "Flipping Out" features the resolution of Jeff's nannycam disaster and the results are not pretty. Anyone who has every wondered whether the show is real should watch tonight. It is real.

The Hamptons last weekend was a sunny, humidity-less fantasy and the waves were massive (on account of Bertha).

Saturday night was a benefit for CRIA that is usually at Sunset Beach and the best one of the summer. This year it was at the home (in the lawn) of photographer Stephen Klein in Bridgehampton. It was an amazing spot. The bash was sponsored by Calvin Klein and Donna Karan so the Hamptons fashion set was out in full force.

Rachel Zoe was there and we bonded over how great her new Bravo show is. (It starts in August.) A lot of people were reporting "Real Housewives of NYC" sightings all over the Hamptons, which was amusing. Padma was there looking fierce. Here's who's fun at a party: Padma.

There was a long lap pool in one corner of the party, in what was the middle of a huge field next to a vineyard. At the end of the pool was a massive screen playing surfing videos. I tried to take a picture on my blackberry to give you and idea of how cool it looked and I am afraid it doesn't translate:


In other news: ** So John McCain doesn't believe that gay people should be allowed to adopt kids, huh? Oh, hey, you know what I don't believe: that crazy old people should be President. Cool!

** I watched Sunday's premiere of "Big Brother 10" on DVR last night. Here are the jobs that the houseguests have: cell phone sales, Hooters waitress, pharmaceutical sales, bartender, and more. How do they afford gas? Seriously. I am IN.

I watched "Big Brother After Dark" til 1:15 last night. What a waste of time.

CAB REPORT: Things were bad between Khaliq and I from the moment I stepped into the MIDDLE OF THE STREET to get inside 1M67. Seems Khaliq prefers stopping traffic in order to pick up his passengers. I got in and, amid a cacophony of horns, wouldn't tell him where I was going until he told me why he wouldn't pull over like a normal human. He didn't care to share his motivation with me. It was no shock to me that the resulting ride was 25 minutes of treachery. We fought about whether to take 6th or 8th, he blocked the box twice, he got in a fight with a pedestrian, he got in a fight with a cabdriver, and he was just altogether very FEISTY. What more can I say about Khaliq?

Our chemistry was Diane and Sam without the undertone of love and lust. Khaliq and I ain't ever hooking up, that is for sure.

I spent a big chunk of time on the phone with Bravo programming exec Shari Levine, and when I looked up as we were blocking the box on 50th and 7th, the fare was $19.40!!! I had to restrain myself. Was I at JFK airport, or 30 Rock? I almost went to 'that place' of accusing Khaliq of jacking his meter, which is a very bad place to go, but I simply lamented to him that I could not believe the fare.

And then something sweet happened. My monster became a human, he agreed with me and felt bad for me. Jo (Khaliq) and Slade (Me) came together and fell in love. I told him I had to go and I gave him $22 (the fare by this time was $19.70) and he handed me back the $2. "I cannot take this," he said. "No, Khaliq, take it," I said.

I knew this would be the last time I would ever see Khaliq. I miss him.

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