A New Day

A New Day

Andy Cohen gets psyched for the Inauguration.

In our lifetime, did you ever think you'd wake up on the Inauguration Day of a black man to President? What a DAY!

I've been 24/7 Obama for the past few days and, in my eyes, Michelle is becoming more and more a blinding superstar. That being said - and I hate to say this - I ain't crazy about the puke green ensemble today. No disrespect to Zarin Fabrics but it looks like some draperies. 

I returned from New Orleans Saturday afternoon and spent a really snuggly weekend in NYC chilling out in front of a big fire and I think I watched the "We Are One" concert three times. I loved it so much.  Michelle was rocking the beige; I kinda wish she'd worn THAT today.The performances were incredible and exciting. Mary J. Blige blew me away and so did Usher with Stevie Wonder, Jamie Foxx did a spot-on impression of Obama's election night oratory, and I was mesmerized by Tom Hank's Tom Ford suit with vest. Almost everyone was backed up by a massive choir and somehow Bruce Springsteen drew the short straw and got a crappy one. How'd THAT happen? And how is it possible for a choir to suck?

For me, though, U2 were the stars of the day. NOBODY can rock-star on a stage like Bono and his stage patter about four Irish boys paying tribute to Barack Obama gave me chills. 

More about the "Housewives" and everything else tomorrow... For now it is time to watch history happen. WHAT A DAY!!!

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