A Moment In Chicago

A Moment In Chicago

Andy Cohen talks beaches and bliss.

I am in Chicago for 24 hours of top secret, high-level, fascinating, groundbreaking and stunning meetings concerning advertisers and Bravo. You wouldn't believe what's going on in these meetings if I told you, but I can't.

The W on Lakeshore is abuzz with a convention of some sort. People are in name tags with their first name really BIG in caps and their last name small, a sad afterthought. I love that style nametag, and looked around for an ANDY (cohen) tag when I got back last night but there was none. I took a run by the lake at sunset yesterday. It is like a beach, but it is not really a beach. I guess it is, I don't know. There's sand and volleyball and little waves and guys in board shorts and stuff, so I guess it is a beach.

I got in a fight with the concierge when he kept directing me to "the beach" for my run. I told him that I thought we were landlocked and I didn't recall an ocean anywhere. That did not go over well with the concierge. I got into it with someone at dinner about the same topic.

OK, it is a freaking beach people. I am wrong and there is a beach here. By the way, it is beautiful running along the beach so Chicago once again has the last laugh.

Oh, Chicago! The in-room amenities at the W are good. I listened to a chill-out cd as I got dressed. It is for sale for $13 dollars which I thought was very reasonable, especially considering that I put it in my computer and downloaded it into my iTunes.

I mean, I COULD'VE done that. I could've, but I didn't. I wouldn't.

Sample products in hotel rooms have gotten intensely good over the last few years and I am finding that sizes are getting larger. I stuffed my bag with Fresh products from the in Sagamore in Miami. I am insane about Fresh's Lemon Sugar Moisturizer, by the way. The in-room shampoos and stuff are from Bliss, which is amusing to me considering that I've been boycotting Bliss for several years.

A gift certificate for a massage at Bliss for me is like giving someone an actual crick in their neck, which will require an entire massage program, not just one. You will spend months on the phone with Bliss trying to schedule a time for the massage, but you will find that there are none available.

That's just MY own personal experience, of course, but it makes me insane.

So I always have to cash in the certificate for products. And now I have more, courtesy of my bathroom at the W. I can't find Oprah anywhere, by the way. If anyone sees her tell her I am looking for her and on cell.

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