A Lot To Say

A Lot To Say

Andy Cohen on Kelly Ripa and elevator etiquette.

Hope you enjoyed last night's Runway and super-emotional "Shear Genius". Our post show was on fire last night.

The very adorable Wesley confirmed on our show that indeed there were weak beginnings of a Showmance - that have since bloomed into a full throttle romance - between he and Daniel! I am rooting for those two talented guys! They are totally into each other..

He spoke more about it on the show and I won't ruin it for you here. Wesley and Christian made a great duo. They were quite shocked upon meeting each other to realize that they were wearing identical lime green patent leather shoes. I mean IDENTICAL. What are the chances??

Kelly Ripa was our surprise caller. Would you believe she was hosting a "Shear Genius" viewing party at her house for her friend - and last night's guest judge - Oscar Blandi.

I stopped by before "Watch What Happens" and she was wearing an adorable dress designed by Runway Season 4 finalist Rami Kashou. She sang Tim Gunn's praises as a fill in co-host for Regis, saying that the key to Tim's talent lie in his ability to remain truly "himself" on the show. I agree! She loves her some Christian and I am thinking he's going to send her some fierce clothes in the next few days.

** There's another awesome Bravotv.com feature that's back this summer, the intern's blog! I urge you to check out what the hell our interns are up to this summer besides getting me medium iced coffees at 4pm! **

I mentioned yesterday that I was having a conundrum about cell phone in elevator etiquette. This discussion came into my consciousness Monday when I (rather unselfconsciously) walked into my elevator at home blabbering on my cell phone with Dan Cutforth about a potential Quickfire Challenge.

It was a heated conversation and perhaps my voice was not at its lowest volume. I pressed my floor and kept talking, but I heard a voice coming straight from a bearded neighbor. "Get OUT of this elevator right now!" This was a cross queen! "Get out and FINISH YOUR PHONE CALL right now." I froze.

"It is wrong to talk on the phone on the elevator and YOU KNOW IT." He said, all hopped up. I was kinda scared. "Dan, I gotta go," I said into my BlackBerry. "there's someone screaming at me that I can't talk on the phone in the elevator." "I'm NOT SCREAMING," He said urgently. In fact he wasn't. He castigated me again and I sheepishly said that I think it is fine to talk in the elevator as long as it is in a hushed tone. "You were not talking in a hushed tone," he said. He was right, but I was ABOUT TO lower my volume. (I really was.) I think if he hadn't held his hand on the elevator door demanding that I leave I wouldn't still be so pissed off. If he would've calmly but exasperatedly asked me to get off the call I would've. (I want to say for the record that if I make a call before takeoff on a plane I WHISPER and am hyperconscious of my own and other people's space.)

So I wondered for a couple days if there was any possible way that talking in an elevator could be ok. Andy's Blog reader Claire emailed and said "It's OK to finish up a short and to-the-point cell phone conversation in an elevator, but chatting and gossiping with someone who is not there is rude." I get Claire's point, but I wasn't totally satisfied because I was having an URGENT conversation about a Quickfire Challenge, not gossiping.

I turned to the last word on etiquette, "Real Housewife of NYC" Countess LuAnn de Lesseps.She promptly emailed me back the following: "Darling, never use your phone in an elevator, first of all it never works well aside from being extremely rude.. Texting is best... .xo The Countess"

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