A Lot of Laughs

A Lot of Laughs

Andy Cohen describes the games he played with Liam Neeson on 'Watch What Happens Live.'

We had a lot of laughs with Liam Neeson last night on the big show.  We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun, really and truly. I loved our Clash of the Housewives mix (which we are posting shortly) and the "Release the Kraken" game. I believe that Liam released the Kraken several times, and that 97 percent of you feel that he should sick that monster on Jill.  Oh lord. 

Yesterday we had a large programming meeting with our L.A. team and we met in a teleconference room that was so high-tech that we had to take pics. Here are Bravo execs David O'Connell, Cori Abraham, and Jen Levy as they appeared from my vantage point in NYC ... transmitted over a few moniters in HD.


And here's their view of me making love to my cookie!


While we were gone, Marissa and Chelsea (you met them on the videoblog a few weeks ago) Bieber'd Anthony's desk! Isn't that mean?!


Poor Anthony!  Later in the evening, Sir Liam Neeson saluted the Beebs with his middle fingy!  That kid can't catch a break even though he is meant to be fantastic and a good person. It's all in great fun, you see.... Have a great weekend.


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