A Lot Of Info About Not Much

A Lot Of Info About Not Much

Andy Cohen attends the Top Chef book signing in NYC.

Ok I got lots of bibs and bobs and nibs and nobs and whatnots and whozits and shut the hell up and say something. In NO particular order:

Hopefully you saw Bravo's announcement that we've picked up "Flipping Out" and "Guide to Style" and "Million Dollar Listing" and "Millionaire Matchmaker" and "Shear Genius" and "Top Design" and a lot more. We have been busy at the Bravo and we're really excited about these and a whole lot of brand new shows, like "The Real Housewives of New Jersey". Uh huh. You heard me, Carmello.

The Pontiff is coming to NYC and cocking up traffic like you wouldn't believe. Is it worth it?

There was an interesting piece in Sunday's New York Post comparing Katie Couric and Hillary Clinton, saying that women are put to a higher standard and have to endure way harsher criticism than their male counterparts. I agree about Katie and disagree about Hillary. It was thoughtful nonetheless.

I will reiterate that there is a lot of action to come in the "Housewives" Reunion next Tuesday night.

Did you see "Work Out" last night and are you obsessed with Man of Steel Greg Plitt?

Laura Bush is co-hosting the third hour of the Today show next week. DAMMIT I am going to be on vacay. Is she officially, one hundred percent, completely medicated to the gills? Or just partly? Or what do we think? Wouldn't you kind of have to be hopped up on something to get through the days?

Big Brother After Dark is so sad and boring that I turn it on to fall asleep at night. It doesn't even keep me awake anymore. If you are ever feeling blue, I beg you to turn it on and watch a very very sad group of very very dumb people with no skills. They will make you feel way better about your station in life!

Last night there was an SRO crowd at the Union Square Barnes and Noble for a TOP CHEF COOKBOOK Q & A and signing featuring Tom, Ted and Gail. Sexy Sam was there too.

Here's a crappy picture of them pontificating:


I met some cool Andy's Blog readers at the signing, which is surreal. I also met a fantastic Andy's Blog regular (and Real Housewife of NYC contender?) at Soho House on Saturday night who came up and said hi. It is great to put faces to the 9 of you that read this tome.

I had an incredible, celebratory dinner at Joel Robuchon at the Four Seasons on Monday night. WOAH. It was incredible. I woke up with a food hangover at 4 AM yesterday morning and never fell back asleep, but it was worth it. I was amused. We were celebrating a massive pop culture milestone we'd witnessed earlier in the evening; but I am sworn to secrecy about that for now.

I didn't hear Robuchon throw an F-bomb, but there is a piece in Today's Times about what potty mouths the Top Chef chefs are this season, and how cursing is taking the culinary world by storm. We're bleeping the show as fast as we can, I'll tell you that. Spike and Andrew are quoted, and they keep it clean for the NYT. Smart.

There's a new "Top Chef" tonight, by the way, and the drama from last week picks right up.

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