A Day In La...

A Day In La...

A day in the life of Andy Cohen.

There is something perfect about waking up in Los Angeles, putting on a snuggly robe, and hitting your hotel terrace with coffee and a crisp New York Post. De-lish.

That's how my day started yesterday. I was reading about the Post's theory that Rosie decided to leave the View the moment she was backstabbed by Babs when I got an email from our PR team asking if I'd do an interview for "Extra" about Rosie's next move.

They came to my hotel and I blither- blathered about how she should go to cable because you can get away with saying more. And I said that if she does a political show she should have someone who repped a counterpoint to her point.......and then I hit it and went to the set of the "Watch What Happens Work Out Reunion Show."

I've said it before and I will keep saying it, hanging out with reality stars is like being on a tv show because they are as themselves in person as they are on tv. Get it?

So it was a full house of the Sky Sport Hot Squad and all were in rare form. Jackie has the best hair of anyone I know, and I told her I want to meet a guy with her hair. Is that possible? In our six whopping hours of taping there were some big fights, tears, confessions, accusations, and never-before seen footage from the show....and not one dance number. Well actually, Brian Peeler did an impression of Jesse doing a dance routine but I don't think that counts as a full-on number.

During a break I checked my messages and apparently the "Extra" thing had aired in New York and it had played like I offered Rosie a job on Bravo. Did I?

I would, so I didn't regret it, but it's often a good idea to check with your bosses before going on TV and offering someone a job. We ended the taping day with an emotional, heartbreaking conversation about Doug. Everyone was in tears. I will write more about Doug and the show closer to air. If you've seen the promo for next week you know it's the most emotional episode of pretty much any show I can think of on Bravo.

Last night when I got back from the taping, there was a headline on Drudge about Democrats who flew Private Jets to the debate. Actually, every week there's something on Drudge about an environmentalist who flies privately, or has a high electric bill, or gets driven around in an SUV. So what's worse, the hypocrisy of the said environmentalist or the problem itself?

It seems so O'Reillyian to create a diversion about the private jets etc so that the real story isn't covered. Has Al Gore done more harm with his high electric bills than good with "Inconvenient Truth"? It bugs me. I had to cool off from the reunion drama and Rosie and Drudge... I'd planned to meet up with the Jackie-squad at the Abbey, but I didn't get further than Voddys at the Tower Bar with Bruce. What better way to end the day?

This morning I am high-tailing it back to NYC in order to get to a party for the amazing Erin Miskey who is not just a coordinator in our Production Department, has not just been editing this blog (yeah I know, someone "edits" it which is amazing considering what crap it is), but also has been producing "Watch What Happens" since it began. She also does way more than that and additionaly knows what I am going to think before I think it -- so I envision sitting in my apartment Monday morning with my shoes in front of me wondering which one to put on.

She's had it with NYC and is picking up and moving to LA. What spunk! Gumption! I gotta hand it to her, but she will be missed in NYC and soon be seeing for herself how nice it is to wake up in LA with the New York Post.

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