A Day

A Day

Andy Cohen remembers his friend Natasha Richardson.

I am heading upstate for the night and I'm thinking of my friend Natasha Richardson, who we lost this year.  I want to share with you an amazing rememberance that Ralph Feinnes recently wrote for London's ObserverMagazine.

Here is a just a bit of it:

Natasha Richardson was her own unique life force. She possessed a high-wire vitality that took you in its arms, shook you, seduced you and cajoled you into live life without regrets. Friendship was an anchor for her. She thrived on bringing friends together. She created occasions full of affection and joy, moments of celebration that sometimes felt like a magical dance. She mixed lethal cocktails (she loved lychee martinis), cooked extraordinary food, was a spontaneously good nurse, laughed and dleighted in stories and anecdotes, and had a mischievous ear for a good scandal She loved to play music and would impatiently search her iPod for exactly the right track for hte moment. And she loved to dance. And she loved to watch a movie with friends. and she loved the sun. And she loved her family.

A night out with Tash was a test of stamina and her endurance left most friends flagging before the last "hurrah." If you thoguht youw ere early riser after a night of excess you would find her already awake in the kitchen reading the New York Post, making a mug of tea for Liam [Neeson] and muling over a recipe, or planning the day ahead.

Natasha was an inspired "planner." She planned events, birthdays, holidays, a reunion of friends, a trip to the cinema. It was as if there was some ideal way time might be organised. She'd have a keen expectation of her plans falling into place and if fate or circumstanced pulled the order of things another way, she'd sometimes feel it with acute disappointment. But she was thrillingly persistent, out-persisting the most determined people and you loved her for it, even while you felt dazed by the detail of the planning.

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