A Bigtime Ramble

A Bigtime Ramble

Andy Cohen gives his take on current events.

I didn't realize the Triborough Bridge had been re-named to commemorate Robert F Kennedy! Wow. What does Mr. Triborough and his family think about THAT? After all that Thurgood R. Triborough did for our city (not to mention what he did for the Jews). It just doesn't seem right. Is Bloomberg sending the Triborough clan a muffin basket or what? (I do realize there is no Triborough family.)

The other night at the Paper Party someone was telling me they'd just seen the revival of David Mamet's "American Buffalo" starring John Leguizamo, Cedric the Entertainer and Haley Joel Osment. I freaked out because the casting seemed so random, like the subject of a "kiss, kill, cuddle" game. Now it turns out the show is dying a quick death.

Sad, but isn't that a WEIRD threesome? Maybe it's not. What do I know?

The NY POST today is all about the 11 year old WOLF BOY in India. Poor little Prithviraj Patil has hypertrichosis, which means he has a thicket of hair all over his bod, including his face. The hair doesn't stop him from playing cricket and doing boy's stuff, but the mom don't want him to be a kid in wolf's clothing. This is clearly not funny but put it in Bel Air and isn't it a potential sitcom?

Speaking of Bel Air, here are a couple other sure-fire sitcom ideas: - NEL AIR! Nell Carter comes back from the dead and realizes that a rich lady in Bel Air (Dixie Carter) has left her all her money. Nell moves into the house, renames the neighborhood Nel Air, and takes over Nel Air society with the guidance of her roomie, the mean ghost of Dixie C! - CARTER COUNTRY '08 - back from the dead Nell Carter realizes she's Dixie Carter's twin sister, and they move in together! I realize both shows hinge on selling the ideas to Dixie and locking her up. Oh and we gotta get Nell back from the dead. But both are do-able and these sure-fire ideas mean the revival of the 3 camera sitcom.

OTHER TV NEWS SEPARATED BY FOUR DOTS: Tonight is the finale of "Guide to Style" and it's a good one. I am crazy about Tim and Gretta together and I can't get over how CRAFTY that lady is! Watch it and let me know what you think....

I am psyched for Rosie's variety show, and can't believe how big her son Parker has gotten (see today's NY Post.).... Kelly Ripa ranted heartily about the Housewives of Atlanta this morning and seems to be quite ready for the reunion, so I love her even more now....

Great piece in the NYT today about "60 Minutes" that says they're the only show on TV doing real news and they're having a big success with it. They slam Diane Sawyer for her continuing coverage of whores on ABC (they say 'prostitutes' but 'whore' is better. See, she's interviewing a lot of whores lately.)....

Diedre Hall got canned from "Days" - wow. So we're officially counting down to the extinction of daytime soaps. I want to know how much she made that firing her is going to have that big an impact on the budget. Smart friends have estimated her salary to be between 1-3 million bucks.)....

All my friends are in love with Fabio from "Top Chef". They can't help themselves.

GREEN MY ROUTINE: Wanna know how I'm greening my routine today? From now on I am turning off my water while I brush my teeth, taking short showers, and only flushing the terlit when I have to (figure that one out for yourself.) You waste a lot of water and energy flushing every time you look at your toilet, so get with the program!

CAB REPORT: I was so busy writing this retarded blog that I didn't pay a lick of attention to my cab ride.

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