6 Things I Learned This Weekend

6 Things I Learned This Weekend

Andy Cohen talks cheap wine and botox.

1. WOLFFER ESTATE ROSÉ IS CHEAP AND GREAT And their vineyard is in BridgeHampton right next to my favorite breakfast joint, the Poxabogue Golf Club. Harold Dieterle serves it at Perilla, and I bought a bunch on the East End this weekend. Can't beat it at $11.99/bottle.

2. COPPERTONE IN AEROSOL FORM IS A GROUNDBREAKING INVENTION! I don't know when suntan juice became available as a spray, but to me this invention's on par with the iPhone. It's gotta be horrible for the environment, right? How do we dispose of those spray tubes?

3. ROCCO HAS NOT HAD BOTOX By the way, the thought of Rocco having botox or touching his handsome face hadn't crossed my mind until reading Anthony Bourdain's blog last week. Well, Chef Rocco responds HERE and ladies and gentlemen, we have a BlogWar on our hands. I am glad he's kept his face pristine by the way. In other news, Michael Douglas' face has settled beautifully, I think.

4. THE CURRENT ISSUE OF VANITY FAIR IS A FONT OF PERTINENT INFLOWMATION! Sure, it's the fashion issue, but did you know that Arthur Miller has a son with Down's Syndrome that he essentially "put away" and never acknowledged? You might want to read that very very compelling story. Did you know that Guiliani's wife is a money-grubbing beeyotch who his kids hate and has changed her name from Judi to Judith! There are full details in the magazine and it is on par with the tragedy of Jayden James, peoples!

5. IT TAKES 90 MINUTES TO GET TO KENNEDY AIRPORT FROM SAG HARBOR ON A SUNDAY MORNING That is really nothing. No time at all. Just put it in your back pocket.

6. JEFF LEWIS WILL BE BLOGGING ON THIS SITE I've gotten many queries re: if and when the "Flipping Out" star will blog for us. And I am told this will happen this very week.

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