6 Things

6 Things

Andy Cohen muses on everything from tonight's 'Top Chef' to his lack of desire to see the buzzy film 'Nine.'

1. Tonight's Top Chef is not only one of my favorite episodes of the entire series (top 15), but it's also the hardest challenge the chefs have ever faced. And the winner of tonight's episode gets 30 grand.

2. It is Green Week, so we are all being extra diligent about our recycling and awareness of the environment. It seems kind of like a sad irony to be looking out the window at the freshly chopped down Roc Center Christmas tree, but that's another story.

3. The New York Post bought some of Bernie Madoff's used golf shirts at an auction, and they're giving them as the prize for some new NYP contest. Here's what: who wants Bernie Madoff's used golf shirts? I mean I can see wanting Ruthie's, but Bernie's? He evil!

4. We went to Morandi last night and it was especially good. I love it there. 

5. Went over to Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa's house the other night to hear about their day on All My Children. I could listen to the two of them talk about that show FOREVER.Their episodes air in early January. 

6. Everybody's talking about Nine. Call me crazy but I have no desire.  What is the big song? "Be Italian?" Mmm. I don't think so.

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