6 Things

6 Things

Andy Cohen has 6 things worth sharing.

1. I received emails and posts from a few confused people yesterday after I'd commented about the Princes getting along well for being half-brothers. Many of you thought I'd gotten my facts wrong. I was being, as Prince Harry might say, "cheeky!" Many conspiracy theorists believe "Ginger" to be the son of James Hewitt, not Prince Chazzy. If you look at a picture of Hewitt, you might believe it too. The People's Princess said she didn't meet Hewitt until 2 years after Ginger's birth, but it's fun to daydream.

2. Rosie O'Donnell reportedly has an interview with CBS about hosting The Price Is Right. Bottom line - she'd be so great MC'ing pricing games with real xxxl-size Americans. Betcha they won't hire her if she stays "political" and betcha she won't veer away from expressing said feelings. She's uncorked. And, by the way, she said on her blog yesterday that she only wants short contracts on her future projects. CBS ain't gonna give a one year deal to someone for their massive daytime franchise. I am suddenly a know-it-all on this topic! How did this happen??

3. My favorite feature of gawker.com is their gawkerstalker sightings of people around Manhattan. And sometimes I get wind of a juicy celeb sighting that needs to be shared. My ex BF had a great story about standing in line with a bra-less Barbara Streisand at Baja Fresh in Malibu. Last night I got an email from producer Dan Taberski, who just moved to LA, where he promptly saw Rip Taylor at the West Hollywood Koo Koo Roo. That tickles me.

4. Last Friday I wrote about the new Japanese production of "Wicked"... which begged the logical follow up question, will we ever see a version of "Top Chef" en Espanol? Well, sort of. If you click HERE, you can watch Season 2 chef Carlos Fernandez teach you winning TC recipes, en espanol! (That has nothing to do with "Wicked" in Japanese, I know...)

5. One of the great joys of working at 30 Rock is riding in the elevator with random NBC superstars. Yesterday, I shared a 2-floor ride with WNBC Political Reporter Gabe Pressman. And his hair. (You New Yorkers will know what I am talking about.) Today I saw my new elevator pal Tiki Barber. The potential to run into he and Janice Huff on the vertical rails is enough to keep me happy at work.

6. The news that "Regis and Kelly" entertainment reporter Claudia Cohen died of cancer last week is so sad. She was a really nice person. For all her money and great parties, I always just saw her as a mom. She was a good one. I am thinking a lot these days about her daughter, Samantha.

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